Dancing With the Stars Judge: No More Palins, More Same-Sex Couples!

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Between Bristol's run to the finals and reports that her father, Todd, may be next, many people can't get enough of the Palins on Dancing With the Stars.

One judge on the show certainly can, though.

DWTS Countdown

"I think one Palin was enough," Carrie Ann Inaba told E! News, responding to Todd Palin speculation. "I think we need to go on a Palin vacation for a bit."

Palins mean ratings, but that's not enough to sway one judge.

"Although it was such great media attention, I think it was too controversial," Inaba explained. "I think people got confused about what they were rooting for"

"Are you voting for dancing on the show or are you voting for a Party? I think it made it uncomfortable for a lot of people who just want to see dancing."

"I like to keep it simple. I think it diluted things."

As for other reports that DWTS will follow in its Israeli counterpart's footsteps by including a same-sex couple in the competition - Portia de Rossi is said to be on executives' wish list if the U.S. version goes that route - Inaba is all for it.

"I want it to happen," Inaba said. "Although I think we'll have to work on some of the judging and the techniques of leading and stuff like that."

"Once we get passed all that, I think it could happen."

Do you think DWTS should quit the Palins, or ride that train for all its worth in the coming seasons? Should they lobby for Sarah herself? Should the show glorify teen pregnancy by bringing on Maci Bookout or Amber Portwood instead?

Moreover, should there be a same-sex couple? Vote below:


So the show doesn't want a controversy with bringing the Palins on the show, but it doesn't mind the controversy of having a gay couple dance? Another sign of hypocrisy in the media and entertainment industry. If there is a gay couple on the show I will not watch. I am not a big Bristol Palin fan either, but I think her mother has been vilified unjustly. The liberal media preaches tolerance and equality, but rarely backs up their words.


I like this judge.


No more Palins! No more Palins! No more Palins! Enough, enough, enough, I am sick and tired of these people, She calls him "Todd Dude" I want to puke! He's a dork if I ever saw one. Thanks but no thanks, stay in Wassila! End of story!


I, too, will not watch the show if same sex couples appear. It would totally disgust me. I pray it won't happen, because I love DWTS, but they will lose a fan.


ssoooooooo tired of hearing about what year it is and that being gay is a right! Give us a break, no wonder this world is getting worse everyday. It's conforming to what they think is right...when it's obviously soooooo wrong!! It's a man and a woman, no exceptions!!! God made it like that and it needs to stay that way!!! It's wrong in His eyes, so therfore it's wrong!!!!! 2 things offend God the most:homosexuality and abortion....never has changed and He never will change His views-its everyone else thinking that God needs to change His ways but He's not about to


So Inaba thought people were voting for a party instead of dancing expertise, but they think if they bring a same-sex couple on there, there won't be folks voting for that life-steyle rather than how well they dance??? pfffttt


No more Palin! YES!
I don't watch the show regularly, but I WILL watch it if they do same sex couples dancing. Really, is it THAT risque to have SS dancing?? GET OVER IT! GET USED TO IT!


Ur a close minded pig straight... im not gay but a statement like that in 2010 disgusts me... people have the right to their own sexual preference and to exclude same sex partners is quite discriminatory...


First, Carrie Ann should have nothing to do with the star selection, she's a fricking judge. While we're at it, it's been proven in the last two seasons anyone who has dancing background has the edge as Nicole and Jennifer won. IMO there should be a level playing ground from the beginning..no advantages.


I'll never watch the show again if same sex couple appears.

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