Demi Lovato Spent Christmas with Her Family

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Demi Lovato spent Christmas with her family.

The troubled singer, who was stuck inside an Illinois treatment center for Thanksgiving, was granted a half-day reprieve from the facility on Saturday. Sources say she saw a movie with her mother, step-father and two sisters.

Looking Cute Together

"She is doing good and is in good spirits," an insider says of Demi's overall progress. "She is committed to the program... She will stay as long as the doctor's tell her she needs to stay."

Last week, Lovato settled with Alex Welch, the back-up dancer she punched prior to admitting she needed help.


continue 2 b strong dear


I am so happy for you Demi!!! Since you are a singer it is probably hard for you to get home and see your family!!!


No matter what those nuisance people said, I just know that I will love and support DEMI forever.


how are you so pretty and funny at the same time


I guess I'm the only one that isn't afraid to acknowledge that there isn't shit really wrong with demi. she just knew her ass was in trouble when she punched that girl out so she claimed emotional issues to run from the mistake she made. It must be nice to be a celebrity and to be able to go to rehab to get out of trouble. The rest of us in the real world would have gone to jail if we'd did what she did.


shes like any other teenager, spending time with her family and so on. she may encounter some problems lately but it would soon be fine


Demi will be fine.


I absolutely love Demi Lovato. She's strong and mature enough to face her issues, and she's so sweet, beautiful and talented too. I'm glad she's getting the help she needs and I hope she can be happy again in the very new future. Love you, girl!


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