Demi Lovato Settles with Assault Victim

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After a bit of back-and-forth in the press between attorneys, Demi Lovato has settled with Alex Welch.

Terms of the financial arrangement were not disclosed, but the rehabbing singer will pay the back-up dancer - who she slugged in the face prior to entering a treatment facility in Illinois - a certain amount in order to avoid a lawsuit.

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Said Donald Karpel, Welch's lawyer, TMZ: "The parties are satisfied and the dispute has been resolved amicably and completely."

The incident with Welch was reportedly rock bottom for Demi. She sought treatment, remains in seclusion and will hopefully return to public life a stronger, happier individual.




I am a big fan of Demi even after all she has been through she still inspires me because she went to rehab and got out and on top of all that she is still doing So Random!! (which i love by the way!!)


Good for you Demi!!! It is so great that your reaching out to people! It's exciting to have a great role model for an 18 year old girl!!!!

Tanika kiedis

Can't wait for demis bong video to surface.


haha i think it's funny that all of these young singers and actresses are going buckwild, the money gets to them too quick but the entertainment is nice (:


I luv Demi but I would have done the same thing if i was ole gurl . Hey u gotta get paid somehow. Plus Demi has plenty of money its not like its hurting her much if any.


Legal translation: Completely = paid off
Amicable = paid a nice sum


Make-up sex is always great!!!

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