Demi Lovato Rep Shoots Down Settlement Talk

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Talks of a settlement between Demi Lovato and Alex Welch may be premature.

While lawyers for both sides - the troubled singer and the backup dancer who was attacked by Lovato immediately before she checked herself into rehab - have acknowledged contact, Demi's rep says no money has exchanged hands.

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Specifically, this source tells Celebuzz a Chicago Sun-Times story that the actress paid Welch six figures in a settlement is "completely fabricated."

Attorney Stuart Slotnick, meanwhile, doubts the marks on Welch's face are enough to help her win any court case.

"If people could sue one another for causing bruises, we would all be in a lot of trouble," he says. "[If there isn't] some serious injury, a lawsuit may not be appropriate."

Still, the mere notion of dragging this alleged assault out for months might be enough to warrant a settlement. Says a source close to Demi:

“The last thing [she] needs is for this to go to trial... There are too many embarrassing and damaging details that could come out.”


Sorry that was meant to say fame not ame


This Alex Welch needs to get a life and stop trying to get ame from another girls illness. Its just a punch. If we all sued for punching, I would have sued my brothers many times over the years. Another pathetic publicity stunt.


This is redicules ! she cant go to court for punching a girl fights happen / people get punched all the timee . They never go 2 court its bcus shes famous , if this is the case alot of ppl wud be in court.

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