Demi Lovato Rep Shoots Down Settlement Talk

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Talks of a settlement between Demi Lovato and Alex Welch may be premature.

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    "youre making yourself look so stupid, you deserve it girl."

    You're right. Alex does deserve it. And now that she's hitting someone while they are down, she is getting called out on it.


    lol they weren't even friends. demi wanted to be friends with her and tried so hard but alex was always unattached and distant. friends, huh? you must have a really loose definition of friends. im glad you did this. youre making yourself look so stupid, you deserve it girl.


    I'm not even a fan of Demi but I LOVE her for this. They were all partying, they were all doing the same things. You know how many kids were on that camp rock tour? Of COURSE there's gonna be partying going on. If you were gonna snitch on Demi why don't you snitch on everyone else while you're at it then? That girl deserved it, she was the one running her mouth and saying things she had no business saying. If Demi can party hardy and still get up and do her job very well every morning then leave her be! This Alex girl is a smoker and she wants to snitch for chillin at a party? Girl, please. There's no way you actually cared about what went down at the party, you just want attention. Get over yourself. I'm not violent nor am I confrontational but if she did that to me I would've socked her one too. The only difference would've been that I would've done enough for it to be worth all the proceedings.


    @1&2 its cuz she checked herself into rehab & dats a very bold step.& dat alex girl funny what u could do to a friend


    Funny how when Demi Lovato punches somebody, everyone thinks it's no big deal but when Miley Cyrus wears a provocative outfit everyone gets angry and screams slut. I guess people would rather see teens be violent then see teens wear dress sexy, even though violence is the big deal. I'd be pissed too if I was a back up dancer for some star and that star gave me a black eye without even apologizing. I would have kicked her ass.

    What if the girl had punched Demi back and it had turned into a violent brawl?


    Sara u have a point... She probably has punched someone to but I've never thought that Demi lavato would do that u all have a point she shoulntd get sued... Suck it up little bitch u just wanna be on tv and have fame I have 4 words for u Alexis:


    Marimadness. Her face was swollen in


    They are totaly right Demi doesn't need to be embarressed at a trial!!!! That Alexis girl need to calm down! Demi was going through a hard time and she just needs to understand that then put her throught court!! We love you Demi!! Hope you get better!!


    Com'on! Of course you would sue if this spoiled brat had a temper tantrum on your face! As if anyone would choose to recieve "zero" over a big cash settlement! :/


    that alexis or watever chick is ridiculous and mustve suffered being dropped as a kid, cuz u cant really be sued for hitting another person unless blood is involved. Demi has too many issues and 'lex isnt making her life any easier. Shes just being a bully cuz she knows times are tough now for demi. Inconsiderate.

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