Current Oksana Grigorieva Lawyer to Former Oksana Grigorieva Lawyer: Shut Your Yap!

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A war has erupted and Oksana Grigorieva is in the middle of it, only this time, it's squarely between people in her own camp and not Mel Gibson's at all.

Mel's baby mama's lawyers are entangled in a legal brawl with her former lawyer, who negotiated her $15 million settlement with Mel earlier this year.

Oksana backed out of that deal at the last minute - the reasons why are highly disputed - and her lawyers want to muzzle her former legal shot-caller.

The OG Baby Mama

Shady. Very shady.

Daniel Horowitz, the current attorney for Oksana Grigorieva, says his client is an "open book" with "nothing to hide." But a chain of emails suggests otherwise.

Communication between Horowitz and Eric George, her former legal eagle, appears to entail the former threatening the latter about spilling her secrets.

TMZ posted a story earlier regarding a declaration Oksana submitted to the court, in which she waived the attorney-client privilege. The significance of that?

George, who is eager to talk to Sheriff's investigators about his discussions with Oksana, sent Horowitz an email saying he planned on talking to officials.

"I will regard the attorney-client privilege to have been waived, and will endeavor to resume with the L.A. Sheriff's Department detectives those portions of my earlier interview for which I had been obliged to invoke the privilege," he said.

Horowitz emailed back three days later (November 20) telling him pointedly, "You do not have permission to waive or disclose any privileged matters."

Then Horowitz threatened, "If you unilaterally waive privilege as you seem to intend to do, you must take full responsibility for those choices." 

"Nothing that we have said or done authorizes you to do this."

Horowitz added November 21, "There are certain materials only you and Oksana have that has appeared publicly though not released by Oksana."

George fired November 22, "Your email insinuates that my law firm leaked or sold privileged communications as well as tapes between the litigants."

George then says if Horowitz makes such an accusation, it will "[leave] me no choice but to immediately proceed with an action for defamation."

It's unclear what this clear reference to the Mel Gibson tapes will mean in terms of what is part of the investigation into Grigorieva, but stay tuned.


he shouldnt pay her a penny!! they were NOT married!!!!!
what kind of retardation is this??? all he has to do is take care of his child, he owes her nothing!!! and if she is as independent and successful as a musician as she likes to portray herself - in order to fight the public's perception of her being a money grubbing whore (which she IS) - then she doesnt need his money and should refuse it!!
she is a blackmailing lying money grubbing whore and this is all going to blow up in her face BIG TIME.


I think they both are to blame and mel should go ahead and offer her money...the amount HE wANTS TO PAY,.. because in the end hes going to have to pay anyways ... Most who marry a celeb that didnt know them before there fame... are usaully (90%) of the time are golddiggers if I was a celeb and didnt have a partner before the fame... I would only marry or "mess" with another celeb...