Crystal Harris Talks Hugh Hefner Engagement, Ring, Wedding

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I hope it fits.

With these words, Hugh Hefner gifted Crystal Harris with a ring on New Year's Eve and watched as the 24-year old Playmate said yes through tears of joy.

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The busty blonde tells E! News she and Hef had discussed marriage at length, so "nothing's changed" now that the engagement is official. As for that three-karat-plus rock? She helped pick it out.

Harris also says the wedding will be small and intimate (just "close friends and family"), will take place at the Mansion and probably be held in the summer.

Will the couple have children?

"I've never really been the wanting children type," she says. "I just have a bunch of different projects I'm working on and that's fun for me so that's what I'm going to do."

Crystal adds that she and Hefner have the blessings of Bridget Marquardt, Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison. What about her family?

"Both my parents are super supportive of everything and whatever makes Hef and I happy makes them happy. I couldn't be happier."

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Why is she posing with her great, great grandmother?


Congratulations to both..


Top ten reasons she cried upon receiving the ring 10. She had to finally come to terms that Prince William was off the market and was sadden that Hef was the next option 9. She cried tears of joy because she is in for a lifetime of shopping on Hef's tab, shopping is something she tweets about constantly 8. She realized marriage means she is off the dating market, hopefully no man older and richer shows interest. 7. She realized stuck with an old man who smells like pld people, hard boiled eggs and fried chicken 6. She realized she would have to pretend to enjoy viagra induced sex later that night. 5. She realized Hef is senile enough to ask her 4. She realized 84 means too old to get down on one knee 3. She was upset because it was not the larger diamond she had originally picked out with his secretary 2. Hef also gave her a pre-nup for Christmas 1. She realized that even though she got the ring from Hef, she will never be Holly


The dude needs some heavy duty mortician make up over his mortician make up.


Why does Crystal Harris look like a young Cristie Hefner, Hugh's daughter? Has Cristie Hefner noticed this?


There is a 60 year age difference and some people on here are saying that they truly LOVE each other? Oh, please, I think it is disgusting and when she turns 30 and he turns 90 (if he lives that long) she will be considered "old" in his eyes and he will dump her for another 20 year old Playmate. He has that type of reputation Oh, and she is NOT out for money or fame?! Yeah right! People PLEASE snap out of it and wake up & smell the coffee! Anyone who thinks that they are in love needs to stop drinking the Kool-Aid! And they call us mid-40's women Cougers!


its disgusting


Congrats to her parents! They must be so proud. Hef is a pedophile!!


Who are you to say this girl is after his money? She picked out the ring with him. They are both equally in this together. Love doesn't follow specific guidelines. If they are happy that's all that matters. Stop being negative and just let them be.


Happy Honeymoon! Now you can live another hundred years.