Crystal Harris & Hugh Hefner: Engaged!

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Santa Claus presented Hugh Hefner with a busty blonde over the weekend, as the Playboy founder announced via Twitter that he's engaged to 24-year old Crystal Harris. He explained:

"I gave Crystal a ring. A truly memorable Christmas Eve. When I gave Crystal the ring, she burst into tears. This is the happiest Christmas in memory."

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

Harris was the Playboy Playmate of December 2009 and moved into the famous Mansion soon afterward.

This will be the third marriage for Hefner, as he finally filed for divorce from Kimberly Conrad last year, following the pair's 1998 separation. He was previously hitched to Mildred Williams; their marriage ended 27 years before Harris was born.

We wish this couple all the Viagra-inspired best!

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That's so messed he should have married Holly I feel bad for her u know this has to break her heart poor Holly :(


His 1st marriage ended 27 years before his new wife was born and the new wife is a model for his magazine... this seems normal to everyone??? I don't understand people at all!


I always say this leave young for the young, He knows theres nothing in common when theres an age difference not even in a conversation,but I guess these people don't do things like that for Love but for fame. The more people write about them the richer then get its all about money and cover stories. Look at all of us putting a comment about the situation lol


ha ha ha founder of playboy marrying a girl at least 45 years younger than her! The world makes sense again!

Jennifer miller

I can't stand Hugh. This man made move on to the next an understatemnet.


That's so crazy,holly was so much more beautiful. This seems like a slap in her face for some reason but why. Idk. That other girl is probly a gold diiger. Good for her she just hit the jackpot then I guess. So shady


hollys gotta be pissed.she really did love hef,but he said he would never marry.ive heard this 24 yr.old is a gold digger...i know shocking right?haha


I have to agree with princess. I saw other pictures of this girl and she really isn't that attractive, for a playboy model. She probably looks best in the picture above but all others she really does look a lot older than 24. Most 24 year olds look like kids still, maybe it's all that heavy makeup and fake hair color. As for the marriage, it's gross but they are both adults I guess.


She`s only 24??? i tought she`s in her 30`s.
Ewww gross married to that old guy


Guess it is safe to say they BOTH put a ring on IT!!!