Chelsea Handler on Angelina Jolie: What an Effin %$#&!

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Sources say that Angelina Jolie really hates Thanksgiving.

But hate is not even a strong enough word to describe how Chelsea Handler apparently feels about this A-list actress.

During a stand-up set in Newark, New Jersey last night, the E! host absolutely went off on Jolie, using words that we don't even feel comfortable printing here. Let's just say Handler doesn't exactly believe in the good intentions behind Brangelina's multiple adoptions.

Put the kids to bed and check out the minute-long rant below:

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Bringing kids into this is totally unacceptable and disgraceful behaviour. I hope she gets what she deserves and a good lashing from Brad. While he's at it, he can give that Aniston bitch a good tongue lashing too.
Chelsea is a such low-life, trashy, gutter-mouthed bitch anyways and Jen needs to move on and not act like a woman scorned after how many years now, Jeez! She should have paid more attention to keeping her marriage relevant and less shallow. No wonder Brad left her. Get help, Jen - a shrink can do wonders and take your new BFF Chelsea along with you.
Homewrecker, husband stealer, etc. is such a backward attitude for the 21st century. People fall in and out of love, it happens. What are the divorce rates for shallow Hollywood types these days.


Does anyone really think that an A-lister like Angelina gives a flying crap about what a D-lister (if even)has to say? When Chelsea hosted the MTV awards, I was embarrased for her. It's one thing to be fowl mouthed, but it's another to be foul mouthed and not funny! She should watch reruns of Seinfeld and see how it's really done.


Whoaa jgirl. Run out of Prozac?


I love Chelsea, she's so funny. She's a COMEDIAN. She's SUPPOSED to make fun of people. That's what comedians do. Don't get your panties in a bunch Perez.

Katie miller

lmfao i love chelsea. she's got balls.


I saw her on her bang bang tour BEFORE THANKSGIVING and that was part of her act.....It didn't have anything to do with their vacation together. So if you don't like her, don't watch her stuff. But as someone else pointed out the real person in the wrong here is BRAD PITT, he is the one that cheated.


"Beautiful" "Perfect" marriages only end when someone dies. Obviously, Brad did not share Jen's views.


Dear Chelsea:
Thanks for outing me as a pathetic, old maid. With friends like you, blah, blah. Please lose my number.


Hollywood used to find new stars in malt shops. Now I guess trailor parks will do just fine. Chelsea, don't forget where you came from! I'm sure that you will soon receive an honorary degree from Jobless and Toothless University.


I used to find her funny but as many friends who hate her pointed out to me, she's just bitter. She's bit the hand of many who have helped her along the way. And honestly I don't care who cheated on who, because sometimes marriages bust up. Both Pitt and Jolie have done a hell of a lot more for the world then Aniston, who spends most of her time going to dinner and sunning herself on beaches. And yes, Handler is her new best friend and is obviously doing Aniston's dirty, whiny work for her. Sorry but the woman must have dating issues because every man she has been with in the last ten yrs has gotten married after or settled down after being with her. I used to like both Aniston and Jolie but see Aniston as still not growing up.

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