Chelsea Handler on Angelina Jolie: What an Effin %$#&!

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Sources say that Angelina Jolie really hates Thanksgiving.

But hate is not even a strong enough word to describe how Chelsea Handler apparently feels about this A-list actress.

During a stand-up set in Newark, New Jersey last night, the E! host absolutely went off on Jolie, using words that we don't even feel comfortable printing here. Let's just say Handler doesn't exactly believe in the good intentions behind Brangelina's multiple adoptions.

Put the kids to bed and check out the minute-long rant below:

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Chelsea is nothing but a bitter hag. She tries so desperately to be entertaining and funny...FAILS every time.


well that's new why in the world is chesea handler talkong about angelina jolie like for ? Angelina jolie is a terric actress and love's donateing to charity and adopting children but she is a caring person and as for jennifer anisten she needs to get new friends who are a positive influence and not be friends with a loser like cheasea handler who runs her mouth and makes a fool of herself cheasea needs to leave angelina jolie alone let her live her life and go live yours cheasea .


I can't believe Chelsea mentioned the child's name in the middle of her profane rant. I used to have a lot of respect for Jennifer Anniston, but if she thinks this woman is her friend, she needs to think again. Jennifer, you're never going to have a happy relationship if the whole world thinks you're still bitter and pining over Brad Pitt. Have some dignity and move on. It's been almost 6 years already. Chelsea has shown herself to be an ignorant lowlife. Jen needs to finds some better friends.


yep, this is what we think in the uk, joan rivers said as much too. pitt/jolie have silenced the media that made them and are guilty of crimes against freedom of speech. the tourist is crap...sorry johnny and jolie is going downthe s=====er


Well, if this was for publicity I think it backfired. Everyone knows Handler is a crude, crass style comic. Still, no matter how many rappers she bones or rubs her skinny white ass on, she's still a racist Jew. Why refer to Angelina & Brad's adoption of their children as "rescue(s)"? Because the kids aren't white? This bitch doesn't realize that a huge part of her audience is NOT white, and with a bit of organization we can see that she ends up like Michael Richards.

@ TryThinking1956

Freedom of speech is a great thing. Rescue is a word in the English language and entirely appropriate to use.


Spelling correction: I meant "thingamujigger".


Chelsea Handler is a disgusting racist thingamugigger. If I was on her show, I'd throw up in her mouth and face, and then watch her throw up on herself. Why do we let disgusting people have their own shows anyway.


A beuatiful comedian has turned into an ugly gossip. Her talk show is less funny than it is snipitty and crumudgeonly. Chelsea was so lovable as a comic and unlikeable as a back-biter.


Yeah I hate Angelina. I love Jennifer & now chelsea is my hero!!! She's so coooool!


My fools, you are all sadly mistaken if you think Angelina isnt LOVING this publicity right before the release of her new movie.
Its the Hollywood game, and they play us all for suckers with it.

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