Chelsea Handler: Not a Fan of Angelina Jolie

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This just in: Chelsea Handler doesn't like Angelina Jolie.

In case that wasn't apparent when the E! host referred to the actress as a %$&*, Handler reiterated this stance in an interview with Katie Couric, published in this month's Glamour:

Brangelina at Movie Premiere

"I'm not a fan," Chelsea says of Angelina. "She just doesn't come off to me as a sincere woman. She seems like a woman that you'd really want to avoid."

Elsewhere in the article, Handler touches on rumors that she's dating 50 Cent, her affection for Jennifer Aniston and more. Excerpts are below.

On career aspirations: I definitely want to move on and do something bigger, expand my horizons. Talking about celebrity every day can just fry your brain. I want to be able to talk about politics, I want to be able to talk about sports, I want to be able to talk about life paths, not just celebrity driven.

On Aniston: Jennifer Aniston makes me laugh. She’s irreverent and hilarious, and she sends me really, really funny e-mails.

Is she dating 50 Cent? He came to my show in New Orleans with 15 people, and they take a photo of us and assume that we’re a couple. But he’s really cute, and I have to be honest, there’s a good chance that I will end up hooking up with a rapper at some point.


Chelsea Handler will never be able to "expand her horizons" if she is determined to start obsessing over Angelina Jolie.


That is BS. No one even knew she was helping people in highly dangerous areas of Africa. She has visited UNHCR refugee operations in the Balkans, Sierra Leone, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Cambodia, Thailand, and Pakistan in addition to Ecuador until the media got hold of it. She uses her own personal money to fund these trips, earned her pilots license to take over needed supplies and has done this when she was pregnant. This is something she does because she wants to and for her own reasons not for the industry. She has been doing it for years and before she even adopted Maddox. I don't see Chelsea Handler getting off her a$$ and helping people like that and putting herself at risk for others. I just see her being a b*&%$ and flapping her gums a lot. I hate it when people are ignorant and talk out their a$$ about someone when they have no clue what they do.


I agree with Handler. I always feel there is an agenda with Ange. Maybe in real life this ain't so, but in tabloid world she comes off as a phony

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