Chelsea Handler: No Regrets Over Angelina Jolie Bashing

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Chelsea Handler referred to Angelina Jolie by a few very ugly words this weekend during a stand-up routine in New Jersey.

Addressing the controversy on her talk show last night, the comedian said she had no regrets over bashing the actress, but she did have a response for those that assumed the insults were a result of Handler's friendship with Jennifer Aniston.

A Baby to Save the Marriage!

"I've been making fun of Angelina Jolie since she made out with her brother!" Handler said, bring up Jolie's awkward kiss with James Haven at the 2000 Oscars.

Are you on Team Chelsea or Team Angelina?

Has Handler, who is clearly dating 50 Cent, learned anything from this experience? Only that she may need fresh material.

"[I need] to write some new jokes," she said.

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Chelsea Handler is fucking Amazing! Angelina Jolie sucks big black penis. I hate her, glad someone points out how massively odd she is.


l m f a o.. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. dam girl, look at yurself in the mirror b4 u talk shit about angelina. U LOOK like a mongoloid child.


Chelsea, miss bad ass bitch got attention& laughs, but obviously she wanted to get Angies attention more& possibly shock the hell out of her. Sorry chelsea, id alone hang with Angie, before id hang with you& Jenastan.


Go chelsea,keep telling bad thing,because of hatred ,jealousy..It is your attitude ,I have been watching your show for years ,but not anymore ,I d'ont want this world getting more bad thing ,we have enough,who want to pay money for listening those craps..


TEAM CHELSEA ALL THE WAY...And Chelsea is a very pretty woman..did you ever see what Angelina looks like without her makeup team???


Chelsea, go back and look at the interview Brad Pitt did with Barbara Walters when he was married to Jennifer, he said the relationship was 'good for now' (and watching that we knew they'd divorce because HE clearly wasn't committed heart and soul). If you had any real chops you'd hurl the insults at him first!


Bravo, Chelsea.I respect your honesty.


Chelsea is ugly hater, because she doesn't have someone like Brad. Chelsea is trash and Angie is CLASS. As for the kids they are very lucky to have parents like Angie and Brad. Chelse you shouldn't compare your Ugly face to the most beautiful face in the world. You must be very unhappy person. SEEK HELP.


I agree that Chelsea should not allow a picture of her next to Angelina.
I really love the Jennifer Aniston from Friends, although she can not overcome her "shallow" image still, and OF COURSE is something so stupid to do, to bash Angelina being friends with Jen. So stupid? I don't know. What I know is that Jennifer Aniston is in every romantic comedy in the world. She could do something DIFFERENT, we are kind of tired. I think this is "one role girl". THe only thing I liked about her, was Friends (but i counld not imagine that was litteraly her, but nicer and funnier
And "The Good Girl" although she had "ONE FACIAL EXPRESSION" through the whole movie, at least was a different role.
I don't know what to think, Angelina has a way better publicist than Jen. OR this i a big huge circus for us to be entertained


Go Chelsea! All comedians make fun of people, it's not being a bully. Also, it's pretty hard not to make fun of Angelina. She brings it on herself. Chelsea is a strong woman, as is Angelina. I think they can take care of themselves, and probably don't care.

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