Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent: Spotted Again!

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Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent need to go public already.

While the E! host has insisted they're just friends, she didn't shy away from sharing a few intimate details during an appearance on The Tonight Show.

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After Jay Leno asked if she called her man "Fiddy Cent," the Chelsea Lately host deadpanned, "I don't know, I call him Curtis when we're having sex."

50 cozies up to Handler ... and her producer Heather McDonald.

Continued Handler, "No, but he does have a real name. His name is Curtis. Curtis ... I don't know, I should find out." She's kidding ... we think. Hard to tell.

But while the comedian was on stage slamming Angelina Jolie Friday night, her friend and writer and producer, Heather McDonald, was cozying up to 50.

"Great show in Newark tonight but Chelsea should be worried because of this," McDonald Tweeted of her flirty backstage photo with the rapper. Uh oh.

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You haters,are ridiculous! She's a comedian, that's what they do - make fun of what's in the press. Who are you to tell someone you don't know to get her own life - she HAS a life and is very successful. To ERIK who posted that she is "Evidence of what is wrong with America" that's funny. You comment freely, yet it is not okay for Chelsea to do the same? You people who think Angelina is a saint, you are wrong. Her work with other countries does not erase the fact that she stepped over the boundaries with Brad as well as Billy Bob. There are people who will NEVER forget that. Deal with it. She is a snake of a woman, and can not be trusted.


Chelsea I love you fuck them other fuckers


As we all know, you have to stay relevant some how huh Chelsea...


I have literally LOL'd at some of these comments.. Chelsea is just jealous because Jolie is respectful!! LMFAO!! She has done alot of good in the world, yes. But imo she just does to for self justification because of all the f'd up sh*t she's done. Chelsea is HILARIOUS, and she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. I highly doubt Aniston put her up to saying anything, Chelsea was making jokes about Jolie long before they were friends. Anyone who doesn't watch a whole network just because they can't handle someone who speaks their mind (about people you don't even know, no less) needs to take their heads out of their asses and a long hard look at themselves! LOSERS!!!


E! Network is suffering big time b.c of her. So many ppl. won't watch the channel anymore because of this skank. she is not funny at all, never has been. she is a bitter skank full of hate.


chelsea is a sick and demented whore. she is also a total pervert. now she is nailing fitty. nice.


can she move to another country? pleeeezzzz. she is a terrible person.


Chelsea is a demented evil wretch and a whore.


Chelsea, please read this. People like YOU are whats wrong in America. You are the suckiest person ever. You are ugly on the inside and out!


Chelsea leak.... take a seat. u run ur mouth 10 times ur lead. get ur rates, state "up for date". even beta show ur sweatr. we al knw whos the hit world wide known."jolies the it".ha and chelsea......just shut ur lips.

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