Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent: In Bed!

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Chelsea Handler hearts 50 Cent like she hates Angelina Jolie. If she and the rapper aren't dating, which she insists, then they're definitely close friends.

Like roll-around-in-bed-cuddling kind of close friends. It's great.

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Here's the comedienne sucking on his face, taking a picture, and posting it on Twitter. That's not the way to quelch rumors you're dating 50 Cent ...

Handler put the intimate Twitpic with Fiddy up earlier today with this cryptic tease: "I don't know why anyone thinks I would ever date a rapper."

Friends with benefits?


chelsea just needs someone..


I don't get it?!# 50 dissed, dumped, and humiliated Vivica Fox for allegedly using him to further her career, but low and behold Handler is doing the same thing, on an even larger scale, and he is all smiles with his nose far up her butt. Wow!?


I think Chelsea Handler is hilarious, and I share her disgust for Angelina Jolie, whom I think is a total pig, and I am entitled to that and any other opinion I hold about anything whatsoever.


Maybe her ""hook-up"" with Fiddy might help to get over her fascination with Angelina Jolie.


Chelsea loves a little crayon eh? LOL


A borrowed line from a Three Dog Night song!!
Well I've never been to Spain, but I kinda like the music".

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