Celebrity of the Year Finalist #3: Miley Cyrus!

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With 2010 drawing to a close, it is with much pride that THG unveils its 10 finalists for its prestigious, Fourth Annual Celebrity of the Year award.

These stars all gave us their best, their worst, their nude pics (sometimes) and their scandals (often). This month, THG honors that greatness.

After the Jersey Shore cast fist-pumped its way to #4, we present one of our most polarizing figures at #3 ... Miley Cyrus!

Rocking Europe

Perhaps more than any celebrity we cover, 2010 was a year of ups and downs for Miley, lows and highs (literally!).

It began with the official announcement that Cyrus would be saying farewell to the role of Hannah Montana, and it ended with a bong-smoking controversy that epitomized the lengths this star had gone to over the past 12 months to prove she was transforming into an adult artist.

In between, Miley...

... dated Liam Hemsworth multiple times.

... sang a duet with Bret Michaels.

... hosted the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards.

... got slammed by critics for her portrayal in The Last Song.

... made out with a female dancer to prove her maturity.

... feuded with Perez Hilton over that blogger being an idiot.

... rarely wore pants.

... suffered through her parents' divorce.

... turned 18.

As you can tell, it was a year of starring roles and scandalous actions for Miley Cyrus. Ardent supporters stuck by her side, arguing that she was simply growing up as a person and a celebrity.

Critics, meanwhile, crushed the star for her misguided decisions, coming down on her for abandoning a young fan base and trying too hard to prove she was evolving. Where do you stand?

It's a question we've asked often and will likely continue to do so. This divisiveness is a significant reasons why Miley had such an impact on pop culture in 2010.


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lol... miley as celebrity of the year ..... A whore like her dont deserve shitt ....


she rocks even thou she gone thru so much this year shes still hanging strong. she dont care bout what people thinks bout her, she knows what shes doing and knows when to stop and when its still acceptable to do. #1 she wear pants, its only in her mvs or some concerts when thats her outfit shes suppose to wear. #2 she didnt make out with a female dancer, it was fake their lips didnt even touch #3 the last song was a great movie and her actings great #4 it was paris hilton that posted that pic miley didnt even had a say


@whatever, are you mad because your grammar sucks?


she is gonna be another singer/ actor that let fame get to their head. and now feels they can do anything and not pay for their actions


Miley...Celebrity of the Year? LOL thats funny. She is a wreck. Miley deserves to be punched in the f*ckinf face. I hope nomore whores get to be a finalist


@whatever: And why exactly are you on a celebrity gossip blog if you have such feelings?


She doesn't impress me and never has. No real talent there.

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Miley Cyrus Biography

Miley Cyrus Hair
Miley Cyrus has evolved tremendously over the years. Initially known for portraying Hannah Montana, the singer/actress made an effort to... More »
Franklin, Tennessee
Full Name
Destiny Hope Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Quotes

Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

Miley Cyrus [at a concert, soon after photo scandal broke]

I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life's journey.

Miley Cyrus [on lewd photos]