Camille Grammer Has Lost Respect for Kelsey

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Never one to shy away from the press, Camille Grammer has spoken out again about soon-to-be-ex-husband Kesley.

A few weeks after saying she felt completely abandoned by how the actor filed for divorce after 14 years of marriage, read on to see what this Real Housewife told The Huffington Post.

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"I still love my soon to be ex husband," Camille said. "I respect him as a person, I don't respect how he handled the affair and the divorce and how things went down."

It's hard to blame this reality star for that reaction. Kelsey got engaged to Kayte Walsh before his divorce proceedings were even finalized.

"He's in love, he's getting married, so I don't think there's any reconciliation," Camille added. "Someone gets engaged and tells you he's going to get married in January and we're still legally married. We're separated, we're not divorced yet."

Has she spoken to her ex any time recently?

"I would love to have an open dialogue with my husband at this point because I think it's really important to co-parent, and the only way we're going to co-parent the correct way is if we talk, and right now it's through e-mail and lawyers."

Camille said Christmas was difficult, but "I'm creating new traditions with my family and my children."


It is so obvious why Camille was so upset about the so-called "interrogation" from Kyle. camille is having an affair with her "friend" on the show. The cute one who showed up in Vegas...then she left the party early to go to her room....hmmmmm. He went with her to Hawaii too. That is why she didnt want to answer any questions about her trip! Camille is a snake in the grass and her innocent act is just act. She is so full of herself it makes me want to vomit. I agree its too bad she will be financially set, I would love to see her struggle.


Please, you are like a Camille enabler, that woman does not need sympathy or fake devotion, she is and has been delusional regarding her own importance and status, as well as delusional about her marriage. She plays dirty just fine, remember her needless rufe cooments towards Faye Resnick or her snide remarks regarding other womne's husbands and or marriages....she is either delusional or seriously mentally handicapped,,,whichever, stop stroking the ego of that one, she obviously needs more truth than butt kissing!!


Wonder if her psychic friend saw her divorce before she did?! HA! She said at the dinner party she could see divorces/cheating husbands before her friends found out...what a JOKE!


Camille does fight dirty, she just does it while batting her fake lashes & pretending she doesn't know what's going on. Having her friend Allison there to fight for her was totally premeditated. I do agree Kyle is a loose screw & treats her sister poorly, she is not as bad as Camille. What Kelsey did to Camille is horrible, but those who throw stones in glass houses get what they deserve. She was talking about Mauricio "loving the ladies & nannies" all while Kelsey had another girl pregnant. It's called karma. She is lucky that she will be financially taken care of for the rest of her life, not like most single moms who struggle to put food on the table & to keep the lights on.


I actually prefer Camille to Kyle Richards. You can tell Camille is not good at fighting dirty, she's a novice at it and leaves herself exposed and looking silly, while Kyle is really experienced in the Art of War, and the Art of Snarking! This ridiculous fight is what Bravo asks from the Housewives to drive up ratings... can't believe people take it so seriously. What IS genuinely troubling about this show is seeing Kyle treat her own sister Kim Richards like garbage. It says alot about Kyles character, and it's genuinely heartless and ugly. When you emotionally abuse a family member, there are NO excuses for it. Kyle shows no class and no emotional maturity.

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