Brittny Gastineau: Knocked Up By Michael Phelps?!?

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According to a new report, Brittny Gastineau is missing more than just a letter in her first name. She's also missing her period.

The former reality star, who is somehow dating Olympic champion Michael Phelps, is a few days late, sources tell Radar Online.

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"She is heading back to LA now," a menstrual cycle insider says. "She is so late and very worried. She has an appointment with the ob-gyn on Wednesday in Beverly Hills."

What happens when the talentless procreates with the super talented? We may soon find out!

Further proof that Gastineau might be knocked up: she was spotted buying a pregnancy test in New York over the weekend, and those that hung out with her on Saturday night say Brittny was drinking soda all night.

It sounds to us like someone should have spent less time practicing the Butterfly and more time practicing safe sex!

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im personally is a swimmer n i was like wth...michael im spending 6hr in the pool n im only 13. how can u find time hitting with girls


How'd her mama get money and raise her? Brit just lookin to be set for life by trying to rush a pregnancy. Duh.


After reading this.. What is the world coming to... There's a lot of people do crazy stuff and this takes the low blow.. How can someone like brittny go ahead and do something so stupid. You are the craziest screwed up F$$$$$$$$$$$ I ever hear about... What are you really doing this for... The fame or what? I believe you doing this for is to ruin someone's elses life. You need to go get some help and stop prancing around to get famous. if you keep doing this crap you will wind up having bad karma on you... So go and crawl back where you came from...


This is a very disturbed fame whore in need of attention. She is a has been who never was. If she is pregnant he is not the father and she knows it, she is doing this for publicity. Check Starzlife, Phelps denies he ever dated this train wreck. BritBrit we all know you Kimmie and the whole gang of celebrity trash are like a bad rash, hard as hell to get rid of. How can you be so desperate as to put out this psycho BS. You need to get help for yourself and you need to stop preying on other womens men. Crawl back into the hole you crawled out of!!


Okay Hilton Hater, you are the one who brought it up,but I can easily believe that Brittny would rather see a Period, than a Question mark!!