Bristol Palin Upset Over Kathy Griffin Fat Joke

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Kathy Griffin made a crack about Bristol Palin's weight recently.

Bristol responded on cue, although not on Facebook for once.

Bristol at the Mint

Griffin made fun of her appearance while hosting VH1 Divas Salute the Troops Friday, calling B.P. "the only contestant in the history of the show to actually gain weight," a somewhat harsh crack that elicited booing, not laughter.

"Come on, come on. She gained like 30 pounds a week," Griffin then continued amid jeers. "I swear to God, it was fantastic. She's like the white Precious."


Instead of devising a lengthy comeback like usual (see her gay joke at Margaret Cho), the 20-year-old kept her rebuttal short and sweet this time around.

"The audience's reaction to this 'comedian' spoke volumes, and the decent people I know would probably have booed her, too," Bristol Palin told Fox News.

"I hope people didn't pay money to hear her negativity and criticisms."

NOTE to comedians: Stop talking about the Palins and maybe they'll stop replying.


Kathy shouldn't even be putting down Bristol...she had Plastic Surgery and Lipo! She's one to talk....she a dried up,ugly beeotch..i personally can't stand her. I'm glad everyone is giving Bristol attention, you haters keep making her more popular. Get over it,the DWTS booting of Brandy was well deserved,she was annoying, had a bad attitude! Love the Palins, Sarah will have my Vote is she runs for Presidency, better than what we have right now...


Craft service must have been great...remember Marie Osmond. Some people the more they stress the more they eat.I have a friend, a body builder,who because of genetics always has a fat stomach. The more he exercises the abs the larger the muscle beneath the fat on his stomach so here he has this expansive chest, guns, neck ..all muscle mass but the widening of his stomach with fat atop it is still there. Her paternal grandmother's inuit gene probably makes it hard to lose weight in that middle section. She will need a body builder that knows how to form a diet and exercise program for that particular body type.


She looked like Elsie the Cow in high heels. Funny because I kept thinking to myself, next week she will be thinner from all the rehearsals but she actually looked MORE bloated as the show went on. Bristol must be eating all the innocent animals her mother and inbred father kill. She's got fat on her thighs, belly and between her ears.


get ovr it!!!! shes an insult comic thts wut she does. bristol needs to learn tht u cant take on every1 i mean y defend herself against tht she got boo'd n seriously who doesnt make fat jokes i bet plenty of u have ur just upset cause of her mom


It seems that Kathy would avoid making jokes about Bristol,
considering the fact that she was willing to settle for Bristol's leftovers Levi Johnston,a connection that didn't last longer than a nosebleed.


Really? All this about a fat joke to the wrong crowd? Kathy Griffin is a comidienne. A very successful comidienne at that, which is why she was asked to perform for the troops. She lambasts MANY people in the public eye. Bristol Palin is no exception. Apparently, she is a celebrity. Why she is a celebrity and was on the show is still unclear..I mean there's only two reasons, 1. Her Mother, 2. She had a child out of wedlock neither of which qualifies her to be on the show. Never the less, celebrities get picked on. Bristol should get used to the fact that not everyone will like her, be nice to her or say nice things about her. Regardless of who her mother is. As for Kathy Griffin her humor can be ridiculous but she's created a successful and solid career from doing her standup. It's a joke. A simple, juvenile joke. Albeit to the wrong crowd. lol. Also, DWTS is a contest about the best dancer overall. Not most improved. Repeat, not most improved.


Bristol- just go shoplift some more cosmetics and go stick a sandwich in your huge mouth. You may have people to cover for you- but Mother Nature knows all.


I thought she was getting better as the weeks past. I dont think shes fat at all. I think she is beautiful. She got up there and worked hard she did better than i could have. You go girl! Theres always going to be negitive people! Stay sweet!


I was another one who kept wondering how she gained weight over the course of the show. I kept wondering if she was pregnant again because her waist kept looking thicker, esp. in the costume that looked like "Dorothy" in the do-over dance. I liked Bristol at the beginning and really was rooting for her, then she started with all the nasty comments and ugly language and it was a real turn off, so was glad she didn't win.


Kathy Griffin will do anything - ANYTHING - for attetion.. This includes having a fling for publicity with Loser Levi and taking smarmy swipes at Bristol. The military people are disgusted with this fake redhead's crass comments.

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