Bristol Palin: The Worst Person in the World!

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Bristol Palin is not really the Worst Person in the World, but she did earn the top spot in Keith Olbermann's nightly Countdown segment by that name.

The MSNBC host called out the DWTS finalist and daughter of Sarah Palin for her recent PSA with The Situation promoting safe sex and abstinence.

Olberman likened it to someone saying George W. Bush “kept us safe, ‘cept for that 9/11 thing, which doesn’t count.” Ouch. Here's the segment ...

Bristol responded on Facebook that calling her a hypocrite is an “old canard” and ripped Olbermann for being unoriginal in his “insincere incredulity.”

Think Sarah knows what those words mean? Nice refudiation in any case, B.

Not sure if he needed to go there with the 9/11 line, because all things Bristol are hilariously absurd on its their own merit, but that's Keith for you.

On a side note, Fox News really cited an Onion article as actual news? That's the journalistic equivalent of a Bristol Palin abstinence PSA for you.

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Sorry, Lara, Keith only reports on "idiotic pieces of ****" such as the Palin's.


MISTRESS LUCIFER.....WHAT A STUPID STATEMENT (AND UNTRUTHFUL)! That is the very mentality that got such a person as Obama elected. Where do you get your facts from? A morning radio talk show? example...Steve Harvey


Bristol Palin--a girl whose experience of having a baby out of wedlock resulted in her pushing a nationwide celibacy agenda. Normal.


Bristol Palin was a thief, you can ask her Pa. As for all her li-n, she gets that from her Ma.


we have more important things to worry about! like gee i NO JOBS! grow up keith! your a douche!


There is nothing bad about Bristol Palin, everyone makes mistakes! No wonder MSNBC has the WORST ratings of all the cable news stations. Most people don't like that kind of bashing.


glad someone said it. not everyone buys the palins' brainwashing "family values" neoconservative bullshit shoved down our throats.


Keith Olbermann is an idiotic piece of shit....

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