Bristol Palin Makes Gay Joke About Margaret Cho

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Honestly, don't the Palins have someone who can tell Bristol and Willow to STFU on Facebook? They're not helping their mom's cause ... whatever that is.

In response to Margaret Cho's recent blog post about Sarah Palin forcing her to go on Dancing With the Stars, Bristol defended her family relatively well.

That is, until she ended things with an unfunny gay crack at Cho's expense.

Bristol ruined what was otherwise a decent open letter to Cho.

The 20-year-old takes issue with Cho's assessment that Sarah "harshly and openly" blames Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston for losing the 2008 election.

According to Bristol, if the comedian understood conservative politics better, she "would embrace us faster than KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert."

We realize this is basically harmless (except to the institution of comedy), but on the heels of Willow Palin's homophobic rant, why go there? Idiot.

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Bristol has shown herself to have absolutely no class but that's not surprising considering she's her mother's daughter. That is a white trash family who is trying desperately to stay in the public eye. They will do whatever it takes to keep the focus on them. God help this country if it falls into the hands of the Palins. We will definitely be the laughing stock of the world.


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Bristol's comment just shows that she has no class and that she comes from a household that supports and encourages hate, homphobia, and discrimination. If Bristol was considering a career in Hollywood, she just killed it. So many of the people in the industry are gay. If a person wants to become a celeb, they don't go around making anti-gay jabs at celebs, (unless you're a real comedian and you're intentions are to make a mockery of low-class anti-gay stuff). My diagnosis: this celibacy activist needs a trailerectomy.


It is indicative of our culture that has so many that worship celebrity that we even know who this young woman is. Not a person of great ethics or intelligence but we are now forced to see and hear her everywhere. I don't care for either her or her mother but it's not just their politics; it's their need to whore for the media. I know more people that would be happy to never hear from a list of celebrities (and I question how they can even be called that!) and we are amazed and yes, appalled that we are forced to be spoon fed the Palins, Kardashians, Hiltons and the like. Someone must like to know what is going on in their lives or they would disappear. Please.


Why go there? Because she's a trailer-quality, nasty 'ho, and Levi's mother (a meth dealer) refused to allow him to "marry" her until she saw a blood test. Imagine. A frickin' meth dealer believes her illiterate, hockey puck of a son is too good for this fat piece of trash! Let her go on with her rants. One of these days someone is bound to photograph on of them peeing in the kitchen sink. Assholes!


Wow, is all I have to say for every single one of you grown adults on this sight. Your completely and extrememly pathetic to be name calling to the Palin family or anyone for that matter. I am appauled that someone would joke about Sarah's child being mataly challenged, that is utterly disguisting of you to do something as low as that. It's people like you that I can blame for ruining this good country and making my future harder. Sarah Palin has more heart in her left foot than you seem to have in your whole body. My heart goes out to their wonderful family.


i am totally fed up of this unattractive child. and you ppl keep putting her up here.... at least when its the vapid kardashian sisters we at least get a little eye food. But what is your goal with this fat little penguin. this little nothing irritates me more than having a dingleberry when there's no tissue in the paper dispenser! people like her should not be allowed to have their photos taken much less have people read about them - i am so an advocate for saying only good things but this little idiot brings the worst out in me ... ugh !!!!!!!!!


Bristol actually looked like she GAINED WEIGHT on that show. Who the hell gains weight with all that dancing & rehearsal? Is she eating the Moose her mom kills? Fat on her thighs and between her ears.


Did anyone forget that Bristol has a baby somewhere. Like who is with the baby when she is dancing with the stars and beefing on the web. Like does mom hire someone to watch the child when everyone is out doing their own thing. If thats the case the child needs to be with dad! Yes,I said it!


Battle of the D-listers.....who cares. Both should STFU and we should ignore them.