Billy Ray Reacts to Miley Cyrus Bong Hit

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Like the rest of the world, Billy Ray Cyrus found out today about his daughter's use of a bong during her 18th birthday party.

Taking his thoughts to Twitter - because all fathers should be concerned about their public reputations over any sense of privacy or decorum - Billy Ray seemed to lay some of the blame at the feet of his ex-wife.

He and Tish are going through divorce proceedings right now, which Billy Ray clearly references in his response to Miley's actions:

Billy Tweet

Surprised it took this long. Hate to be a pessimist,but these starlets almost always make these decisions. One would think they would be smart enough to learn from their predecessors.


You guys are all so stupid.. She's 18, she can do what she wants plus if I were famous like her I'd be smoking weed all day. Saliva is not a drug nor is weed their herbs. All you people that are crying over this worry about your own life and don't jugde because I bet your fucking ugly haha..


There's nothing her parents can do about it because she's an adult now. This was a very stupid, reckless, dangerous decision on Miley's part because of what it could lead to. Lady Gaga also does drugs- only her drugs are the illegal, more dangerous kind. Drug abuse is dangerous and wrong no matter who does it, but I just thought I'd put that out there.


what the fuck is wrong with him??? what kind of father TWIT for god's sake when his daughter is going through one of the hardest times in her life?? and what up with this twit.."sorry guys, i had no idea" is he really trying to get his poor ass out of this mess he did?? parents are going through a divorcing phase for the past couple of's an on and off thing.. and right now i don't speak to my father because of the things he does..billy ray just reminded me of him so much..and i know this is his life and i have no right to tell him what to do or how to act but this right there..that's not what a father should do..that's not what a man should do!!!


It's not the end of the world, Let Miley be herself, it's not like she killed someone and hell it's not a drug thats going mess her life up like Meth,etc...And as for kids who look up at her as a role model shouldn't she's not GOD she is a young woman not a hero..LOOK Up Towards Your parents not a Stranger You see on tv or in concerts..


@Fefe Calm the fuck down and get over yourself.


lol butthurt people on here


This is not acceptable behavior! Doesn't matter what her parents are going thru. We all know right from wrong and make choices, guess she made hers!


lol i wanna rip a bong with miley cyrus. nothing wrong with smoking kiddies. if you try it once you'll like it hahaahha


WHAT OMG! She is human people and we all do things we shouldn't. Leave her alone and live your own lives. As far as children looking up to her, well they should be looking up to their parents not a stranger!

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