Billy Ray Reacts to Miley Cyrus Bong Hit

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Like the rest of the world, Billy Ray Cyrus found out today about his daughter's use of a bong during her 18th birthday party.

Taking his thoughts to Twitter - because all fathers should be concerned about their public reputations over any sense of privacy or decorum - Billy Ray seemed to lay some of the blame at the feet of his ex-wife.

He and Tish are going through divorce proceedings right now, which Billy Ray clearly references in his response to Miley's actions:

Billy Tweet

Miley..1st..skip from that ' FRIENDS '...please!!they not good friends It's ok 2 grow up n change but not that way...i know it's hard time 4 u...but fans always support n back u respect them by doing somethin many people wish to be in ur when u have it..don't ruin it.. Please...c'mon smiley miley,don't let thing like this ruin ur carrer n life,coz i don't want that...stop it,n stand up..u can do it girl...may god help u u need u always miles


Why do people that 'experiment' or do drugs on a regular basis always say "I turned out more than fine"? Maybe it isn't now you should be worried about but 10-20 years down the road.


Miley i undestnd ur need 4 personal space n at this age itz difficult coz we want to experimnt nw since u re a public figure u shud be extra carful n remember dat it taks many yrs to bcme famouse bt a lttle carelssnss cud tke away evrythng frm u...truth is that i adore u n don't want u to end up lke Britney spear...


Yes she is an adult. That doesn't mean that she can go around drinking, lap dancing, smoking God knows what. Even if the drug is legal, it doesn't mean its safe or healthy. being an adult means you make responsible choices. All I see is a irresponsible brat.


It would be different if she wasn't a Disney star. She still lives with Billy Ray, so he can control her actions. He should have talked to her LONG before then. I think Hanna Montana Forever should be canceled because of this, the lap dance thing, drinking underage, and the pole dancing.


awaiting a sextape


she's smoking a bong. don't most normal 18 year olds to that kind of thing? its called experimenting. I smoked pot at the age and I turned out more than fine. Way worse things could happen in life then miley cyrus getting high… get over it.


completey agree sara. i feel that miley is very selfish, and has no sense of responsibility or respect for her younger fans and the company that made her famous. everything she does revolves around her, and what she wants, and she does not care a bit that she's one of the most influential people in the world. with great power, comes great responsibilty miley, whether you like it or not. tried of this spoiled twit and her self centred attitude. ps. drugs are for losers.


First off, nobody and I repeat nobody takes bong hits of salvia. Maybe someone very experienced with the trip. Look up other videos of people smoking salvia always a pipe. Second she has to deny the use of a controlled substance so she don't lose her disney contract. She was probably smoking high grade marijuana. Hence the clear bong. So called experts huh?


I feel like Miley is trying to hurt the Disney company before she leaves.She has no respect for all the people that have always supported her.I hope that bong can write her a fan letter or get her a job.Miley Cyrus is an absolute sell-out.

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