Billy Ray Reacts to Miley Cyrus Bong Hit

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Like the rest of the world, Billy Ray Cyrus found out today about his daughter's use of a bong during her 18th birthday party.

Taking his thoughts to Twitter - because all fathers should be concerned about their public reputations over any sense of privacy or decorum - Billy Ray seemed to lay some of the blame at the feet of his ex-wife.

He and Tish are going through divorce proceedings right now, which Billy Ray clearly references in his response to Miley's actions:

Billy Tweet

seriously guys its her life!! shes not born to be a role model!! maybe used to but shes growing up,trying new things, trying to find the real her and shes so freaking stress out right now because of everything thats is happening in her life right now...


WOW she was only 18 when she smoked that. who cares srsly. i started smoking pot and other drugs when i was 12. shes only doing what every other teenager is doing. shes just trying to get attention she probarly didnt even inhale it properly


Ok guys i think url shud relax...we were all 18 once,we all tried smoking,drinkn n jst doing wat teenagers do,its jst sumthing u cant escape,cut the girl some slack,its jus bcoz shez famous its a big deal.Shez also human we have 2remember long as it doesnt become a habit,miley ur gr8,dnt throw away ur future,keep ur head up high and focus on wat ur good always b a fan no matter what..oxoxox


guys just leave her alone its her life so let her do whut she wants cause u only live once so..... let ur dreams come true dont hold them bckkk.... love ya always miley !!!! ALWAYS


85% of the world smoke


i dont see the big deal is she 18 and smoken a bong who cares if u think diffrent about her now watch after your own life and dont worrie about her


being famous does that to you.she and her family should have just stayed in tenesey where they belong.


I dont think Ms Cyrus gives a rat's ass about the people or the company that made her grit eating ass famous.Now we can understand why her dad had to finally get a divorce,things were really out of control.What a shame.We wish the best for you and your family Mr. Cyrus.


Back in the 1970's Country Singer Charlie Rich had a song called "Behind Closed Doors". No one knows what goes on "Behind Closed Doors",but when the revelations are shocking,and causes an uproar and outpour of public opinions,we all have to recognize the fact that as people, our privacy is no longer respected like it was years ago in our grandparents lifetime. "Behind Closed Doors",I do not for one minute believe that Miley knew that she would be sold out to TMZ,and exposed for all to see her "behind closed doors" excapades.


Nowhere in his post does he blame his ex - wife for this trouble. Miley is just being a typical teenager not all teenagers try smoking but she is not horrible for doing it and it in no way makes her a pot head

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