Bill O'Reilly on Miley Cyrus: Pathetic!

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Reaction to the infamous Miley Cyrus bong video continues to pour in.

Father Billy Ray is sad. Dr. Drew Pinsky thinks the singer should seek help. As for Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly? He takes a more critical, direct approach.

The conservative commentator has one word to describe Cyrus: pathetic. In the video below, he adds: "Her days of being a positive role model for young women are long gone."

Do you agree with this harsh assessment? Is Miley being treated unfairly for making a legal decision? Or, as a major celebrity - aware of her status in the eyes of impressionable fans - should she be held to a higher standard?


i believe that miley should be held to a higher standard. She really is pathetic. She's doing all of this to be more famous. She's only 18 and heh own father lets her do this. Plus the authorities as well. She's broken the law and was never called on it. Why do they get away with it. I believe her parents are to blame for the way she is turning out.


Leave Miley Alone!!! She is just being a teengage girl! She didn't do anything wrong she wasn't hurting anyone! She was hanging with some "friends" and laughing haveing a good time.


Miley Cyrus may have turned 18 years old last month, but her fame will always be associated as Hannah Montana. Go to any department store, and there she is on lunch boxes,and on unlimited marketing.
In stores she is represented as an innocent young girl. We all still have an opinion. Legal or not,the video of Miley trippin is not something that parents will be anxious for their young Hannah Montana fans to see. At the young age of 18,Miley is really being called out in all directions from some who care about her, and some who will continue to use her fame for their gain.


well at least britney spears got better for her kids and miley don't have kids and noone is going like her now because of that if you are a role model you should know not to do thats kind of stuff these damn celebs mess up when we look up to them and hilary duff is way better then miley c.


Well yes, I agree, but this was a long time coming. Anyone still remember with Britney Spears lol. Prime example... I knew this would happen. BUT she's also an 18 year old girl who's going to be trying different things and experimenting with her friends. DUH

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