Bill O'Reilly on Miley Cyrus: Pathetic!

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Reaction to the infamous Miley Cyrus bong video continues to pour in.

Father Billy Ray is sad. Dr. Drew Pinsky thinks the singer should seek help. As for Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly? He takes a more critical, direct approach.

The conservative commentator has one word to describe Cyrus: pathetic. In the video below, he adds: "Her days of being a positive role model for young women are long gone."

Do you agree with this harsh assessment? Is Miley being treated unfairly for making a legal decision? Or, as a major celebrity - aware of her status in the eyes of impressionable fans - should she be held to a higher standard?


she wasnt born to be a role model for little kids all her life. she hav her own life to live. so seriously just get over it. its her 18th bd n since its legal there, she wants to try. that doesnt freaking make her a drug addict..ITS HER LIFE SO JUST LEAVE MILEY ALONE!!!!


What a nauseating person. O'Reilly, I mean, not the young person having fun.


If you think she or any other celeb' is a role model, you're pathetic.


I knew this was going to happen sooner than later. From her uncontrolable sex attitude with different guys ,this girl can and will never be a role model to any young lady.i there fore agree with Reily,her family has to help now before she becomes like Lindsay Lohan,too bad for her,infact i have stoped my littly ones from wathching Hannah Montanna,she is a bad influence ,she is bound for more scandal,lets keep wathching, who knows maybe she has been doing this all the time!this time she was exposed!!!.WE Should all be thankful to the videographer.


Agreed. Not a good role model.


hahaha this is pretty funny 'do i look like i'm tripping' LOL
she only had like 2 wincy hits and she tripps. cutie
i think it's only a bong no big deal, but thats for a regular person. for someone in the spotlight and the expectations shes supposed to live up to the vid was not a smooth move.


@Hilton Hater: What Miley Cyrus did was stupid, wrong, and set a bad example. I still stand by everything I've said about sexuality, but drug use is a totally different issue. Yes, celebrities are in most cases held to a higher standard of behavior than regular people- even thought that's not always fair. But what bugs me is that people hold her to a higher standard THAN CELEBRITIES WHO ARE OLDER THAN HER. Those people are biased because all they can see is the fact that she was hired by disney 6 years ago. How would people react if it was Lady Gaga or someone else smoking salvia?


Do we have any proof at all that she wasn't smoking weed in that bong? I think it's really "convenient" that she happens to have been caught smoking a bong and it happens to be stoked with what LOOKS like weed, but what is really some "legal" halucinogen, don't you? Damn, I am hoping to come back as a white girl - they can do any damn thing at all and still be superstars. Wow!


@Heather: The argument is that Miley doesn't have the luxury to just be a "teenage girl." There are responsibilities that come with being a celebrity. If the pros are millions of dollars and millions of fans, the cons are that one needs to be more careful than typical 18-year olds.
Seems like a fair trade-off, doesn't it?


What overreaction !!!
She's going to some though times LEAVE MILEY ALONE !!

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