Bill O'Reilly on Miley Cyrus: Pathetic!

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Reaction to the infamous Miley Cyrus bong video continues to pour in.

Father Billy Ray is sad. Dr. Drew Pinsky thinks the singer should seek help. As for Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly? He takes a more critical, direct approach.

The conservative commentator has one word to describe Cyrus: pathetic. In the video below, he adds: "Her days of being a positive role model for young women are long gone."

Do you agree with this harsh assessment? Is Miley being treated unfairly for making a legal decision? Or, as a major celebrity - aware of her status in the eyes of impressionable fans - should she be held to a higher standard?

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She is talentless and pathetic. Just like Lady "put on" Gaga, and most entertainers today, they have to outdo each other in order to keep themselves in the competition. It is also pathetic that these human wastes who could never function in the real world, can actually make money with the garbage they pass as entertainment.


News flash people!!! Noone'S kids dont have to know about this unless you want THEM too, and another thing THEY DONT HAVE TO LOOK UP AT HER!! DUH!!! EVERYONE ONES ACTS LIKE AS IF THIER KIDS HAVE TO LOOK UP AT OTHER PEOPLE WHY CANT THEY JUST LOOK UP AT YOU THEIR MOMMYS AND DADDYS???


@Crystal: Actually, I can think of PLENTY of worse celebrities in Hollywood that kids could look up to. Lady Gaga is one of them. She has stripped down naked during a performance, her songs are more explicit than Miley's, and she's known to use ILLEGAL drugs. Do you have any idea how many kids listen to Lady Gaga's music and how many young girls consider her a fashion icon?


I agree with Bill O'Reilly 100%. That man is so damn right. Miley Cyrus is the worse person young kids ever can look up to. Just saying.


Those little girls can find new role models. Let Miley grow up and experience life.


SHUT UP BILL O'REILLY. I'm not even a fan of Miley Cyrus at all but I think this is ridiculous! She's 18! So she used Salvia.. BIG DEAL. Leave her alone. These people have nothing better to do.

@ shutupbilloreilly

She is a moron


I think people need to quit being so hard on her. She's an adult now and can make her own decisions! Especially when it comes to Salvia which is legal for 18+ crowds in California! People need to quit watching her every move. She's just a girl trying to have fun! And with the whole thing about being a role model, well im 18 and she's still my role model! Children today will be so much worse in the future because thats just how our society is! SO STOP HATING ON MILEY!!!! Because its not her fault!!!


Bill O'Reilly - As an employer who takes to the phone to leave sexually harrassing voicemails for his employees (and then settles for millions), you truly are in no place to cast stones. At least Miley's destructive habit is legal. Sexual harrassment is not.


@Bridget: What do you mean 'uncontrollable sex attitude' with guys? You make it sound like she was hooking up with married men, having multiple sex partners at a time, and making sex tapes. Exxagerate much? Miley has dated 3 or 4 guys in her lifetime and she's 18- that's not bad as long as it's not more than one guy at a time. Her dating life is normal for Hollywood. It only seems to some people that it's been a lot because she's in the public eye and we SEE all her dates.


Miley has turned out to be another example of children of success that goes to her head. Her family should have seen this coming with her resent actions. She is definitly is not a roll model. She really has nothing to prove. She could go far with the way she was.