Betty Ford Nightlife: Rager in Lindsay's Room!

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Lindsay Lohan and some of her pals had a party in rehab, according to reports. There is NO evidence Lindsay was drinking, but this is still a great story.

The train wreck's roommates had a party a week ago last Saturday night, one in which the booze was flowing and got the girls into a heap of trouble.

Ol' Crazy Eyes

Staying at a satellite house at the Betty Ford Clinic, Linds and her buds were "drinking heavily" when the Betty Ford peeps found out and busted them.

A GREAT SHOT: This is an old Lindsay Lohan photo. It was not taken during the aforementioned party in rehab. Still pretty funny and appropriate, we felt.

The roommates were moved back to the main facility, which has more supervision. Later, Lindsay was told she could not leave the area for Christmas.

Again, there's no evidence LiLo was drinking. Let's be clear there.

Just the same, the troubled actress finds herself back at the main Betty Ford facility too, not for punishment, supposedly, but for "intensive therapy."

Extra supervision should help with the stalker situation, too.


"She did this to herself!!!" Yes, but we become what we are nurtured to become, UNLESS a person is very very strong and can overcome that. Obviously, Lindsay is not strong. "For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes.
A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh."
Luke 6:43-45 Rotten roots, i.e. her parents, have brought forth rotten fruit. That's what's wrong with most of the world today.


It's in the news now that she pushed a staffer and is in big trouble. She's just like a child, and the judge is not going to be happy with her next time around, I'm thinking. This is what happens when a child is raised by screwed up parents. If nothing else, Lindsay should have taught us that.


Hell...Charles Manson got a cell phone and look where he lives.


Awesome, awesome, awesome. Did I mention awesome?


on lindsay logan, please tried to get your self together. come on one more chance she could do it. 'FIGHT' i like her as an actress. a fan.


Hey Lindsay you will not get better...
you must go back to Merrick....and say sorry to your grandmother ...
you are a loser.


she already gone so near to getting better hope she would have a good comeback


Dear THG, why do you allow these disgusting, biased, explicit comments to be published on your website? To the people who wrote these rubbish comments, get a life. Find something real to get passionate about.


@Ashley Hatfield, by "misguided youth", do you mean "coke snorting whore"? Did you suck black cock for cocaine? Awesome!!!


@ Brian Kimball Peterson.........No they do not serve alcohol at rehad.....but a pheine will find a way.... I was a misguided youth and spent time in a rehab facility myself and you couldn't imagine the stuff you could get in a rehab....I'm just a regular person so imagine what a celebrity could get....Just far as her improving...Nah!!! Don't believe it...that girl is a walking time bomb hell bent to destroy herself in the publics eye...I felt bad for her too till she kept messing up and doing whatever she feels like it when she feels like it...She don't care!!! The only reason she's there is because she's too much of a bitch to serve her time!!!!! Don't feel bad for Lindsay Lohan!!! She did this to herself!!!!


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