Anna Oliver Identified as Miley Cyrus Videographer, Threatened

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Miley Cyrus is not the only young woman to be receiving flak these days for the widely-circulated video of her smoking salvia.

A girl named Anna Oliver has been identified as the person behind the camera. While it remains unclear just how the tape got out, multiple sources say Oliver filmed Miley getting high off a bong at her 18th birthday party last month.

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In response to this video's leak, Oliver's Twitter account has been bombarded with insults and Tweets. Among the most disturbing:

  • What would you do if you met Anna Oliver? -- Probably kick her teeth in.
  • Anna Oliver.....I HATE YOU.
  • We should find Anna Oliver and feed her to the lions!.
  • Dear Anna Oliver, I know you want to be a little fame whore, but you're not good at it. We hate your guts. Love, EVERYONE.

Oliver has since shut down her Twitter, and we have a message for all Miley supporters that are giving her a hard time: Cyrus knew she was being filmed at the time of the inhaling. She's responsible for her own behavior.

We hate to quote Bill O'Reilly, but going after Oliver is just pathetic.


Leslie - you hit the nail on the head! I, personally, am not a fan of Miley. However, she is of age & what she did was legal. May not have been the best choice (neither was filming it), but it was a choice nonetheless. Welcome to adulthood, Miley - looks like you're getting off on the right foot!


normal teenagers film and do stuff like this all the time and post it, just bc shes famous and it got out does NOT make anna a dumb bitch. yall dont know her and i can speak personally saying shes not a dumb bitch, miley is responsible for her own decisions, and no one knows how it even got out. it is pathetic how they blame her and so sad. she might of filmed it but miley could of stopped her or said to delete it. yall are pathetic, i doubt you'd want people to talk about you for a silly little mistake. pathetic.


i dont like miley cyrus i dont watch any of her shows, i dont give a fuck about her, but its salvia it was her 18th birthday party whats wrong with it?? lol


Everyone needs to realize that miley has no guidance and has had none for many years. Look at what a horrinle example her mother is. She may not even realize what she is doing is wrong or she doesnt even care anymore because she is so misguided and upset. She needs help and maybe now with these pictures gone public, someone will reach out to her to give her the help she needs before she really goes too far. Those who care so much for her shoiuld say a little prayer for her now before its too late.




U all sound really dumb. How is she a back stabber. Miley shouldn't have done what she did if she conuldnt handle the consequences. She's grown right. Well grown people take responsiblity for their actions and don't blame others.


A quick facebook search shows that this girl is also friends with Liam Hemsworth and many of those Disney's actors (some real accounts, some aren't). Interesting.


miley is responsible for her own action. just don't blame other for what she has done. it's just not fair..


anna will get whats coming to her xx just wait anna oliver everybody knows ur backstabbing ways


anan is a backstabbing bitch... yes miley did wrong but it gave anna no rught to film it.. she knew this would happen she pressured her she wants to be the disney princess take miley demi and selenas place... people only know her as miley and demis friend and nobody knows what show she is even gunna be on but ill tell u something i will NOT be watching that show and if my sisters dares to it will be getting told over and i will be telling her that anna is a bazkc stabbing bitch and i will refused to even have it playing in the house

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