Anna Oliver Identified as Miley Cyrus Videographer, Threatened

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Miley Cyrus is not the only young woman to be receiving flak these days for the widely-circulated video of her smoking salvia.

A girl named Anna Oliver has been identified as the person behind the camera. While it remains unclear just how the tape got out, multiple sources say Oliver filmed Miley getting high off a bong at her 18th birthday party last month.

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In response to this video's leak, Oliver's Twitter account has been bombarded with insults and Tweets. Among the most disturbing:

  • What would you do if you met Anna Oliver? -- Probably kick her teeth in.
  • Anna Oliver.....I HATE YOU.
  • We should find Anna Oliver and feed her to the lions!.
  • Dear Anna Oliver, I know you want to be a little fame whore, but you're not good at it. We hate your guts. Love, EVERYONE.

Oliver has since shut down her Twitter, and we have a message for all Miley supporters that are giving her a hard time: Cyrus knew she was being filmed at the time of the inhaling. She's responsible for her own behavior.

We hate to quote Bill O'Reilly, but going after Oliver is just pathetic.


Totally hate Anna.. I love Miley Cyrus and she was a bitch for doing that to Miley.. HATE YOU!!!!!!! XOXO


First of all can't stand Miley Cyris I think shes stupid and doesnt have a clue.Obviously shes a dumb girl and has been faking that shes a nice and good person.She had us all fooled, she was just waiting to turn legal so she could show her true self.A big HO!!! So Miley Cyrus you just keep on doing what yr doing and that way you'll be the next Lindsay Lohan!!!


why should we give her a break and when britney went down yall didn't give her a break miley shouldv't knew she was going to send it out can't trust friends in hollywood like i said karma is a bitch


IT IS LEGAL So give her a break like really smoking that stuff does not make her pathetic it makes her HUMAN soo grow up everyone whos calling her immature and all these other horribale names and anna WTF were you thinking clearly you werent thinking at all if you posted this vidio on the internet


Coming soon to a store near you -- the official Hannah Monatana bong set. Optional scented bong water sold separately. Seller does not endorse this device for smoking substances that are deemed illegal.


don't like miley but karma is a bitch


It's legal, and she was just having a good time. Nothing else, i don't know what to say about Anna Oliver, i don't think she should post it, when she knew that Miley would get trouble's (that's just my opinion) I think Miley is a great person, and she didn't ruin anything, just because she smoked som salvia, i still love Miley, nothing's changed.
Miley is having a tough time, and this might be her way of forgetting about her parent's divorce? I don't know, but i think i would have done the same thing! OR; she just wanted to try something new :) So, don't get pissed at her for having fun, we LOVE this girl, right fans?, so don't let her down, cause of a video of her having fun xx Love you Miley .


seriously....why cant she just stay out of mileys life. she could just freaking dont care n continue with watever shes doin rather than take down tat tape n still post it on the internet. she may just keep the tape to herself if she really want to but not post it up. miley is already 18 n its legal there. anna just a attention seeker and a bitch


Stupid bitch Anna Oliver! How dare you video our idol like that and expose who she really is. We love living a lie. Miley was the last thing we had to hold on to in our pathetic lives and you've ruined that. Boo hoo hoo! Get the fuck over it kids. I don't know if you guys know this, and it may come as a shocker, but when the cameras stop rolling, your role models are different people. I know, I know, you're devastated. It's ok. Don't go crying yourself to sleep on your Hannah Montana pillow just yet. Her career is not over. There's still hope. She can always do movies with Vivid when Disney drops her dumb ass. P.s. Miley, I still got that Cali Kush waitin' at the house. Hit me up girl.


Miley's an idiot.. Those who are going after Anna for this are equally as idiotic acting as a white knight for a spoiled kid whose incapable of making intelligent decisions.. she(cyrus) made her bed, let her lay in it.. Coming soon to a tabloid near you: The new Miley Cyrus concert: Rehab...

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