Ann Ward Named America's Next Top Model

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This absolutely epic, historic, life-altering cycle 15 finale of America's Next Top Model aired last night.

As over-hyped by Tyra Banks ("Do you understand how serious this is?" she asked. "This is Top Model – elevated."), the concluding episode pitted Ann against Chelsey, as the women competed to earn a spread in Italian Vogue.

In the end, the woman who dominated from the beginning - winning five back-to-back photo challenges - was crowned the season's champion. Our congratulations go out to 19-year old Ann Ward!

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"I'm so happy that I can make my parents proud," said the 6'2" model, who endured many taunts about her size and gangly figure. "I won! I can't believe any of this right now."

Can you? Did Ann deserve the title? Visit our friends at TV Fanatic for a far more detailed recap of the America's Next Top Model finale.

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Since the ANTM cycle 15's theme is 'High Fashion Model' so Ann really really really deserves to win. Ann has 'that package' and Chelsey, tho has good personality but she doesn't fit that high fashion model profile. And I think Ann has met her destiny..where she belongs (in the fashion industry!) Don't you think that she is one lucky gal?!?! Well..m wishing Ann the very best and success in the future. Go!Go!Go! ANN ;)


Ann is not that attractive, it is AMERICAS next top model and honestly most AMERICANS would not define ann as attractive. I get it was Italian's vogue but she looks weird and if thats what they think is attractive over there i do not understand fashion as much as I thought I did. I give up on americas next top model.


Ann was amazing during America's NextTopModel. She has a kind and sweet personality. She should not be judged just because of her looks. She eats well and I think she learned to embrace her uniqueness! Way to go Ann!!


Ann looks great on film, but aren't her teeth a bit snaggly? I've lived in Europe so I know they don't put much emphasis on teeth so I guess she will fit in well in Italy.


I don't think any of the final two should have one. I wanted kayla, the beautiful red head to win! WHAT A LOAD.


TO CARLA: I know Carla is a guy...
She/he..hahah is just jealous...
Well as they say, There is no cure for INSECURE people.... Anyway..I was rooting for Ann from the beginning of the episode...
ANN deserves to win...


I was rooting for Ann the minute I saw her. I was sooo happy for her when she won. I've read a few comments on here that I just don't understand. For people to put this girl down is just outright mean and evil. Ann is beautiful in her own right. She's smart,humble, shy, sweet, and down-to-earth. Not once did she speak a bad word about any of the other girls. She didn't have the need to put people down to build herself up and I love that about her. All that aside, the girl is photogenic and she knows how to model. Ann is definately the total package and the fact that she won the whole competion proves it.


not attractive


I think Ann was a good choice winner, she is very artistic, she knew how to work the photo for her advantage. Sure she is awkward, but this is not a beauty contest, Miss America, but American's Next Top Model. Please think of Twiggy. Ann could be next Twiggy. No one should be judge too tall, or too short, or too fat or too thin to be model. Chelsea although she was pretty, but in Italia Vogue, they see pretty girls every day, not unique as Ann.


I think Chelsey should've won, she has more personality, ann's like dead same as nicole

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