Ann Ward Named America's Next Top Model

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This absolutely epic, historic, life-altering cycle 15 finale of America's Next Top Model aired last night.

As over-hyped by Tyra Banks ("Do you understand how serious this is?" she asked. "This is Top Model – elevated."), the concluding episode pitted Ann against Chelsey, as the women competed to earn a spread in Italian Vogue.

In the end, the woman who dominated from the beginning - winning five back-to-back photo challenges - was crowned the season's champion. Our congratulations go out to 19-year old Ann Ward!

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"I'm so happy that I can make my parents proud," said the 6'2" model, who endured many taunts about her size and gangly figure. "I won! I can't believe any of this right now."

Can you? Did Ann deserve the title? Visit our friends at TV Fanatic for a far more detailed recap of the America's Next Top Model finale.

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Not to be too forward, but ann did not desserve to win. The 5 back to back best photos were all from luck not because she knew what she was doing. Also, i dont believe she has the look or personality. When she isnt made to look beautiful, she isnt and shes too shy and easily intimidated to be someone who will do well as the person she was selected to be. Im not saying this to be a hater, im simply giving my god-given right to an opinion. And honestly, i didnt watch after they sent the 2 girls home at once because I wasnt a fan of Ann OR Chelsey.


and the first place i know ann won the ANTM l like her look,pose in the camera...u can do it ann love u!!!


I think Ann was a good choice honestly, she was creative and Chelsey too is beautiful, but the judges were giving something MORE in the prizes as in Vogue.So Ann expressed an artistic style, that can be used in Vogue Italia.Sure Ann is awkward and hunchback, but look at her she managed to work it all...People say she's ugly? A top model isn't about beauty, there's this thing called "Ugly-Pretty" if someone is Ugly, if he/she knows how to work with the angles it would be pretty..I can't believe people are just looking on the outer part of Ann, she expresses her awkwardness in a high fashion way.This is just my opinion Chelsey was a very beautiful model and knew how to work it.But maybe the judges were looking for something more different with the new Prize of Vogue and others.


Ann won because she was the best from day one. She deserves the win, and I hope she goes far. And for the people saying her photos had the ugly airbrushed off... all the models are airbrushed- DUH. That is why they look effing flawless in their photos. being flawless isn't what they are looking for. they are looking for beautiful, talented models, and that is exactly what Ann is. On top of being a really cool person. Anyone who trash talks Ann is being pathetic- do you really think you are a better judge than Tyra? I love Ann!


omgosh...... why the fuck did ann win, im not being mean or anything but her pics are all retouched to cover up her ugliness.. i really think Chelsey deserved to win :/ i give up on antm.. its just getting worse.. and worse.


Ann did not deserve to win at all. Tyra has lost credibility and this is really the worst ANTM ever. Ann walks like her shoe strings are tied together and she is definitely not going to last.
The show isn't rehab for people who have been bullied in the past. Next thing you know everyone who has been bullied in the past would start hoping to be ANTM.


Alan (hope males are allowed to comment!) Ann was my winner from the very first show. Exceptional beauty. She should not be defensive of her height, but flaunt it: it adds to her very unique qualities. Possibly caused by the experiences she had as a child, she has taken on a vulnerability and empathy that is very attractive. May she really fly high! xx


Modelling these days is not just about catwalks, but more on personality. That is why Ann was chosen, she is a force to be reckoned with. That is also what I liked about her. She may not be able to go further in her career on ANTM, but she has definitely come a long way.


UGLY ADAM'S APPLE ANN WILL BE NOWHERE IN A YEAR..BUT MAYBE BACK HOME WHERE SHE'S KNOWN AS THE FREAK...CAN't walk, can't talk, no nothing without tyra and the judges to prop her up...and they will have forgotten her like the other past winners that they used for ratings and to fill their own pockets....bye bye Ann...


I like Ann so much, I like her nice personality. I think she is a very kind and lovely person, she is not arrogant at all. She never said that she has the full package, she never said anything bad about other girls. She is unique, she is HIGH FASHION, she has the best photos in the whole competition, and she deserved it more than any other girls. Everybody laughed at her,that she is too tall, not normal, strange,shy. But her shyness makes her even mory beautiful. Ann is beautiful inside and outside, and I wish her the best!

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