Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Married** !!!

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** - There is no way this happened.

At least In Touch Weekly can say it mixed things up a bit. Breaking from its usual cover stories about how Angelina Jolie is a raging psycho or Brad Pitt bones Jennifer Aniston behind her back ... they got married this time!! OMG!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Get Married!

PURE NONSENSE: You're a moron if you buy this (in more ways than one).

We're all for good celebrity gossip, but who's going to think the world's most famous couple - two people who have adamantly stated, many times, that they aren't getting married - got married AND kept it a secret from everybody?

Then again, she is wearing white, and the photo of "Where they said I do'" does look like a sweet ass resort, so maybe we're just being cynical.


She was wearing that dress to a recent film gala of some sort. I saw her wearing it on something Fashion Police was showing and it wasn't a wedding.


But... he is wearing bath robe!


Lols... brangeloons. Your right who cares. I didn't buy the magizine because they were on it.


Who cares ...


I was going to buy the magazing because I want sexier abs!


Who ccares? Seriously, how would it help us?


ok...this is seriously BS!! there are so many gossips on them qurralling how can they be married this time?!


It's another PR stunt of hers to let people go and see her flop movie "tourist", but people got tired of hearing the same story and got smarter this time. If she announced that this time they are splitting for real, then people might buy it or rush to see her tank movie. Let's see! how many times they got married already? Even if it's true, who cares anymore..they've been living for 6 years I think it's time for them to get married anyway...this way the Brangeloons can rejoice and

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