Amy Fisher is Sex, and Quite Disgusting

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Amy Fisher is set to release a sequel to her adult film debut. The title? Amy Fisher is Sex. It's available for pre-order already. It's also gross.

Deep Inside Amy Fisher, her first masterpiece, was released in October.

Now she “performs” with Tommy Gunn, Jack Lawrence, Evan Stone and Johnny Castle in the sequel. Those names sound so fake, don't they?

Amy Fisher Mug Shot

OLDIE BUT GOODIE: Amy joins our celebrity mug shots gallery.

In case you forgot, Fisher was the 17-year-old who shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco, the wife of her lover, Joey Buttafuoco, in the face. The face.

Fisher served seven years in prison for the attack and seemed to be turning her life around at one point. She got married, had children.

Then she began appearing on TV, renewed her romance with Joey for reasons unknown, and launched her "career" in adult films. Hot.

The plot of Fisher’s new flick? "Building relationships" with co-stars. Yech.


i remember when this twat was in albion c.f, having sex with officers, sucking dick for nothing,..... remember that, amy? naaaaasty


I saw her on a Maury update where she raised her hand & swore she would NEVER do porn & 2 yrs later look at her. She doesn't even look like herself she has had so much work (like Heidi Montag). She only knows how to get her self worth from men. Her hubby is a suitcase pimp, who is much older than her too. Poor girl, no I should say her poor kids, mommy 1st has an affair with a married man then shoots someone in the head & then decides to become a porn star in her late 30's. Great role model!


Sigh this is just dumb...why didn't she get the death penalty!


Mary Jo was on TV a couple of years ago, she had placed forgiveness in her heart, and was the primary reason that Fisher
was released early from prison. Mary Jo had moved on with her life,and was in business with a **wonderful guy who treated her well. Fisher remains what she was described as, The Long Island Lolita. While married to another man ,she went on ET broadcasting and promoting a reunion of sorts with Joey,which was totally tasteless. There are a few infamous people that you wouldn't care to know the latest news about, and Amy Fisher is one of those infamous people.She has done absolutely nothing to indicate that she is better than what we already know her to be.

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