Amber Portwood: Pregnant Again?!

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Just days after reuniting with Leah, her two-year-old girl, Teen Mom's Amber Portwood discovered she's getting her an extra-special gift this Christmas:

A sibling! She's pregnant again, according to Star!

Jodie Sweetin, Zoie Herpin

We know, we know. It's Star. Generally nonsense. But the celeb news magazine claims she took a home pregnancy test December 4 ... and it's positive!

TEEN MOM RELOADED? Amber was NOT happy when she found out!

"Amber is scared to death about what's to come," an insider says. "She adores Leah, but she doesn't really want to be tied down with another baby."

The 20-year-old almost saw her cover blown Friday when she had her first bout of morning sickness. Luckily, boyfriend Clinton Yunker didn't catch on.

"He'll freak if she's pregnant," said the source.

Then there's the million-dollar question. In addition to being engaged and breaking up with Gary Shirley constantly, Amber Portwood has also been with Yunker ... and some other dudes. If this pregnancy's real, the dad's ID is anyone's guess!

She's pulling for Gary, though, because they're "meant to be together." Maybe so, but imagine the beating he'll take for not using protection ...


I think that it is no bodys business but her and her family what she does is her business we cant judge someone that we only see on tv we dont know how her life really is she was not my fav person on the show but just cuz she has sex does not make her a bad person or just cuz she got preagant nobody is perfedt dont talk shit about someone unless u know all the facts!!!!!


Wow, Luckyme. After trying to decipher your comment, it occurred to me that instead of wasting time watching this show you should be learning how to read and write.


I'm reading a lot of ignorant comments like "where are her parents" do ya'll realize this girl is 20 years old? She can make her own choices without being judged. Only god shall judge her


wow CALI ur ignorent im pregnant and i had my period for 4 months so dont talk like u kno everything when u know nothing she should give that damn baby up for addoption poor kid no kid deserves to be born to a abusive mother like that she is a tramp


Listen everyone Amber is not pregnant. Last i recall you don't get a period every month when you're pregnant. Which she has gotten. So why don't all of you magazines get your stories right before gossiping?

Avatar sound like you have as much sense as a rock. no when she got pregnant, she wasnt no "grown ass woman". she should of been in school worry about college. she is a basket cas that has no clue as to how to raise a child! and pregnant again? you cant possible think thats ok?! let me mush be from the deep south? get my drift? BOOM!!!!!! ignorant.


im so damn glad my parents were strict on me.. if I'd of came home and told them "im pregnant" at 15 or so.. yeah I'd of been looking at a couple of highly raged parents...and you know.. i don't think i could of blamed them! girls, dammit shut the damn legs, pop BC pills stay in school and get a good education, life is FULL of time to be intimate with your love of your lives.. TAKE YOUR TIME! stop rushing things like this.. kids are soooo ungodly expensive, you guys have no idea till you have one.. so much cost, but mine are well worth it. i am glad i waited till i was 24 to have my first, 27 for my last one as well.. good luck to you!


Well I think I did call yaw ingorant like if she wanna have sex its her business and why is she a slut?like come on with it if I had a baby when I was 16 n the two years later broke up with my babydaddy and moved on to the next n got pregnant that's not being a slut cause she knows who the father is and you don't see her on the maury show so fuck it ad hop off her clit the more yaw talk about the more money she rolling in mtv pays them girls som change being on that show...yeah shit really real and yaw act like yaw was in the room when it happened then blaming her parents she a grown ass woman doing gown ass things so leave it to that amber is my bitch on that show at the same time she's a good as mom...and leah is blessed I rest me case BOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fat crazy whore, thin crazy whore?


Lets see.. can anyone say really stupid?

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