Amber Portwood Pleads Not Guilty to Assault Charges

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Amber Portwood claims she is innocent of assault against Gary Shirley.

The Teen Mom star has been sitting in an Indiana jail for the last 24 hours, but, through a judge, entered a plea of not guilty today to all felony charges that have been filed.

Amber Portwood Mug Shot

The court has also prohibited Amber from having any contact with daughter Leah or Shirley, under whom the two-year old will be supervised until further steps are taken in Portwood's case.

THG will continue to monitor this case as information develops. You can actually watch Amber smack Gary in this video.


I wish people can mind their own business and not show the world how bad these people are because its their problem and we shouldn't interfer with it. Gary was being a big fat idiot to Amber and Amber just wanted her daughter Leah to be with her because Gary has not been responsible for both Leah and Amber. Either mind your own freaken business or be in the middle and let them suffer more. This is BS. Amber is innocent and Gary should be the one and not Amber.


violence is never the answer!! I get her reaction to her weak ass baby daddy and his annoying self but still should have thought before she smacked him around especially in front of her daughter....I think jail time is stupid, she just needs some serious anger management..we have enough serious criminals out there that need to be in jail


they sould put her on "bully~beat" dwn and see if she is able to kick ass there...i think she should have taest of her medicine


good, bitch deserves to be in jail, shes a horrible mother, but thats just my opinion


seriously its not all bout the money and fame, i thnk she jsut got caught up in it, but looks like her 15 minutes of fame r gone, and its time for her to take responsibility for her actions and deal with the conciquenses that will follow. She needs to think more about her daughter's well being than her own self, because if she dont she will lose her daughter.


@Erika she never said fame and money mean more to her than her daughter!! just because she's in jail her daughter doesn't mean anything to her!! you don't even know her to be saying that she probably loves her daughter so much but the tabloids make it seem that she's a bad mom!! all just because she hit Gary!!


He should of left that crazy ass hoe alone when she first started acting psycho. All this fame has went to that empty head. Grow up.


Thats what you get dumbass.Money and fame mean more to you than your daughter.Your a nasty slutty ass hoe.


What a looser!

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