Amber Portwood Pleads Not Guilty to Assault Charges

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Amber Portwood claims she is innocent of assault against Gary Shirley.

The Teen Mom star has been sitting in an Indiana jail for the last 24 hours, but, through a judge, entered a plea of not guilty today to all felony charges that have been filed.

Amber Portwood Mug Shot

The court has also prohibited Amber from having any contact with daughter Leah or Shirley, under whom the two-year old will be supervised until further steps are taken in Portwood's case.

THG will continue to monitor this case as information develops. You can actually watch Amber smack Gary in this video.

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If you watch the show you should realize that Gary only antagonizes the situation. He is a piece of shit and really doesn't deserve her or his child. She's working and trying to better herself and he wants to act like he's doing her a favor by watching his child. He also wants to act like his family is the end all be all and what they want is the only thing that matters. He's stupid and frankly he brings him on his self and if she wasn't on teen mom it never would have even gone into the court system. There are big ass guys that beat the shit out of there baby mamas everyday and get taken to court over it and they rarely have no contact orders on there children if they've only been hitting the female. Its bull shit that she can't see her kid and the judge is just trying to make an example of her.


@Danielle Phillips these nuts, you must be fat too. Seriously, there are people who have had a rougher life than Amber and don't act the way she does. Your upbringing is not an excuse for your actions as an adult. And as far as her coming on here and "giving me a piece of her mind", I don't give a fuck. Fuck that abusive bitch and fuck you too. If she did give me a piece of her mind I know it wouldn't be much, she doesn't have that much to spare. I'm not that pussy ass Gary either, I don't have to take her shit or yours. Now go back to eating your cheese puffs and watching Maury fatty.


seriously this bitch just needs to die... you too danielle philips just for siding with her.


so ill start off with saying 'survivor' you are nothing but a dumb feminist i dont care if i spelled it wrong because your too stupid to even notice that amber is a idiotic attention whore. she probably got pregnant just to try out at the auditions for the show. she thinks that just because shes on mtv that she can go aroung doing shit like this. this is not the first time shes assaulted gary ( not that i like him at all because i dont). cant you tell that shes been smoking dope? she lost more weight than she ever gained when she was pregnant. this is the dumbest show in the world. i hope that bitch rots away in prison. how much time would i like to see her do you ask? life wouldnt be enough. shes using the baby as a shield against the media and shit. i mean really she doesnt care about the baby she cares about being famous. so therefore i say give the baby to gary, never let her see it again, and send her to the gallows. no pity, no mercy.


you look so fucking messed up....where are your parents in all of this....DYSFUNCTIONAL upbringing comes to mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I watched teen mom every week. Amber is a child and always will be. She is VERY immature and should never have had a child and I pray that she never has another. She deserves everything she gets as far as I'm concerned, she's a lazy, foul mouthed, abusive person. I had my first 2 children when I was a teen. It is not easy and yes I did struggle but that is NO excuse to behave in the way that she has. I had to step up and become a grown up b/c I had decided to have children! No matter what age you are if you decide to become a parent it's a life long decision and it's no longer about you or what you want, it's about what your child needs and wants. I hope that things turn out as best as they can for the baby, b/c that's all that really matters!


@ survivor. I agree with you but Amber is an adult. She's no longer 16. This is what happens when adults are charged. About Chris Brown and Charlie Sheen, you're right they got off with nothing idk why that is but that's not fair to regular men. I hope they do the right thing and not try to make this a high profile case like you said.


Wow! People are so judgemental. Do ya'll hear yourselves? Focus on your own unhappy lives and move on from this.. no one knows what its like for her to go through this, unless you're in her place.


i think she should go to jail because noone sospuse to hit on anyone and in front of the kid that is not right what she did now if it was him doing it he'll go to jail in a heart beat i feel sorry about the little girl because she saw her mom beat her dad now when she growns up she will remeber that and beat on men because she saw her mom do it you know that saying monkey see monkey do so i think thats good for amber to say away from her girl she needs help?


@teenmomof2 I agree with all you said, but i do think Amber should spend at least 4 or 5 days in jail. Next time she's about to lose her temper, she can remember crying herself to sleep in a cell.