Amber Portwood Encouraged to Fight Gary Shirley on Teen Mom By MTV, Report Claims

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Did MTV not only allow, but encourage Amber Portwood to lay the smack down on Gary Shirley on Teen Mom? That's the allegation of a new tabloid report.

Portwood is planning to use that as a defense against the felony charges she faces after manhandling Gary on a recent episode, the National Enquirer says.

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Just when we were willing to give Teen Mom its due for lowering teen pregnancy rates, we learn MTV may be handing out bonuses for domestic violence. Wow.

Amber caught Gary off guard. The producers? Possibly not.

The 20-year-old single mom was recently charged with two felony counts of domestic battery after she was shown kicking and punching Gary this fall.

He was fine, but Amber and Gary's 2-year-old daughter, Leah, was present during two of the violent attacks, contributing to the felony classification.

Amber Portwood insists the violence was all a ruse and that show execs gave her an extra $1,000 to "get physical" with her ex during filming. Why?

Because they "wanted more drama," says an insider.

But is it really true, or just a viable legal explanation?

"Amber knows she needs a good defense, and reality show producers are known to stage scenes, so she thinks it's believable," a source dishes.

"She says that the producers were concerned because they don't get much drama from the other moms. They told her she and Gary were the most popular couple on the show and that they would pay her extra to provoke a fight."

"Amber says Gary didn't know about it because they wanted a 'spontaneous' reaction from him." Safe to say they got it, based on the above pic.

A source close to Amber blames MTV, as "the producers lead them to believe they can do anything without repercussions because they are stars."

Hey, at least she's not pregnant again.

The Indiana Department of Child Protective Services temporarily granted Shirley full custody of Leah, but have since returned her to Portwood.

In late November, Leah was officially deemed a ward of the state. After six months of monitoring by DCS, Amber can file for custody again.

Right now, she has bigger problems, and Amber is so freaked out jail that she's willing to do whatever it takes to beat the assault charges.

"She can't believe MTV would put her in this position," added the insider. "It will negatively affect her for the rest of her life if she does time."

Do you think MTV should be held responsible for the actions of the Teen Mom stars, or that they would encourage this? Discuss.


It's just like this dumb bitch to go pointing fingers at someone else to save herself from jailtime. Going to court these days isn't about facing what you did, taking your punishment and moving on with your life. It's about, how can I get out of this one and go about my pathetic life as a violent bitch. Seriously, she needs to go to jail, run her mouth, and get her ass whipped by a real violent bitch. Throw the book at this cunt. If roles were reversed none of you people would be on his side. Would you?


Of course she is egged on. Otherwise bodyguards would have been there to pull them off each other and avoid the situations. MTV is responsible for allowing her to continue this tyraid, even though she is ultimately responsible for herself, MTV plays a huge role in letting the violence continue to keep watchers interested.


he is fat. and ugly. she is hot. maybe weight watchers could get him hotted up.


I understand MTV does what it takes to get viewers. BUT I don't believe tht they MADE Amber do anything! And I'm sorry but if a TV show offered to pay me $1,000 bucks to beat up my BF I wouldn't do it. Thts not love and quite frankly stupid u would stoop tht low for money! Amber is jst a naturally angry person and they fight constantly anyway. Their whole relationship is DRAMA! I don't know why they are together. They have a toxic relationship tht is only showing Leah bad things. Whether she was paid or not it will still look bad on her for agreeing to do it anyway. Shows what a worthless sack of shit she is. Sorry but there is NO EXCUSE for her behavior and trying to point the finger doesn't fix her already tarnished image.


Do you think MTV would encourage this? Of course they would. Have you ever watched any of their programs' ads/promos? All of them consist of staged or encouraged drama to boost ratings. If there is a big fight on a show do they edit it out? Depends, but if a fight happens, the producers wil certaintly keep pieces of it in all of the promos to get people to tune in and watch.
Look back on how MTV hyped the fight scene on their show "Jersey Shore" or any number of fights during "Real World". The producers know these fight scenes are the "money shots", because all (or most) of MTV shows are centered around drama, these fight scenes are the culmination of that drama. Ratings are more important than ethics for reality TV producers, no surprise there. The only dubious distinction I see for MTV producers is they are marketing these shows to teenagers as opposed to adults.


Myself I feel sorry for GARY ...Amber doesn't realize what a good man she had.I'm upset that MTV will let that stuff go on in front Leah.They should of stepped in and took leah out of the picture when Amber was beating up Gary.Gary never raised a hand to hit her back.I hope she spends jail time and Gary gets full cusody of Leah.She was being taken care of and her hair was always fixed when Gary was living with his mom that time.Even on the reunion shows Leahs hair was a mess, hanging in her eyes even knowing she would be on TV but no Amber made sure she was dressed fit to kill,,makeup and her hair was done.It just makes me so mad I'd cry watching her beat up on Gary and he knew he couldn't hit back.And if MTV put her up to it and paid her extra then something should happen to MTV also,which probably won't.


I don't watch the show (nor any other garbage MTV produces). I left them many years ago when they drifted from Music Videos. That said, you can't seem to escape the drama these MTV morons create as well as their 'stars' for ratings ONLY!!! Other sources of media, THG included (and that's cool), keep one well informed. What gets me is that MTV seems to have no lines they won't cross and having law enforcement brought into their themes (on tax payers dollars) seems to just be fine with them too. The only way to bring MTV into 'check' will be a massive law suit detailing their involvement in promoting criminal activities. Ronnie from Jersey Shore is getting a good taste of REALITY CAN BITE BACK as of this post. Plus, there are several other cases floating arould in NJ, NY and Fl courts involving MTV and Jersey Shore antics both on and off camera. We will see if MTV's advertising revenue can handle it. And, if the Producers at MTV do a lttle jail time, I'm cool that!!!


I call BS. If mtv put her in that postion why did she go to counseling? Oh ya that's right cause she has anger issues!


i think they should because that is no way for beating anyone and so what if she has a baby she needs do the time what if he was beating on her he would be going to jail so i think she needs to go to jail thanks@elew i don't watch the show i think its stupid but they need do something and plus you don't hit each other in front of the baby anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yeah i dont think they should put her in jail mayb community service cause putting her in jail is taking her away from her baby n i seen the episode where she beat his ass n it seemed a bit faked on her part ALOT n wayy to dramatic n to let everyone know its not her n gary that ppls favorite its maci and her baby! cause shes grown up n dont do the stupid drama that mtv appernetly wants so bad!

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