Amber Portwood Displays Baby, Trashy New Tattoo

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Christina Renee Robinson and her new 16 and Pregnant counterparts have a ways to go before they can compete with the hot mess that is Amber Portwood.

The Teen Mom star, having recently welcomed home baby Leah after a rough period, showed just how hard she hearts her little girl with an epic new tattoo.

Tom Brady, John Edward Thomas Moynahan

Here's Amber in all her glory courtesy of Star ...

AMBER GETS LEAH BACK ... for better or worse!

A couple of thoughts on that hot new ink:

  1. Instead of a "symbolic" statement, why not just be a good parent?
  2. Why get the kid from Two and a Half Men tattooed on yourself?

Ummm... Amber gets paid 150k every 6 months by MTV... That's 3x more than most people posting on here... Yup.


Another graduate of the Casey Anthony school of mothering


The tattoo may be shitty but it is the point that counts yes she may have some issues as everybody does....Im sure that everybody also bashing her as a mother and a person doesn't help the situation any at all.


Smartest mother ever!

Jenny juneau gadling

that tattoo is proof that you don't get a tattoo unless you can afford a GOOD one...preferably from a licensed artist:)


I maybe the only person who feels sorry for Amber Portwood. I know she beats up a someone who is being a wonderful father to a daughter that she doesn't even take care of. But how could she take care of her daughter; When she can't take care of herself. The words she speaks comes from someone who is depressed and lost and I KNOW because I been depressed and lost. I think she desperately wants to be a better mother, but just doesn't know how. And she not going to get it on her own; the only way she knew to express her love was by getting a massive tattoo. if she knew better she spend her money on a therapist who will not put her on meds.


I think she just wanted to be in the spotlight and she is




Nothing says "mommy loves you" like getting some first year tattoo artist to shit on your hip. The cool thing is, as Amber gets fatter (which she will) the tattoo will look like Leah is growing too. Ok, nevermind, I see where she's going with this. Great idea Amber. Dumb bitch.


I bet that tattoo is going to look even BETTER when she's old with wrinkley saggy skin.

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