Amber Portwood & Clinton Yunker in a "Mature Relationship," Mom Totally Swears

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Amber Portwood's new boyfriend, Clinton Yunker, is perfect for her.

That's according to his mom, who is speaking out to the press for some reason, and says that the couple's relationship is "mature." Well, we're sold!

Maybe we should be more open-minded. Pre-Clinton, the Teen Mom star and Gary Shirley set the bar VERY low. Anyway, Judith Reagan explains:

Clinton Yunker Mug Shot

YUNK IN THE TRUNK: Clint just made our celebrity mug shots album!

"I am pleased Clinton is in a mature relationship with Amber. It has been very difficult for us all since there have been so many negative articles."

"It is his life and he can date who he chooses but the relationship has caused an unexpected situation being in the public eye," says Yunk's mama.

"I haven't spent enough time with her to know if it is meant to be."

Amber Portwood and Shirley share custody of Leah, who just turned two. As for Clinton Yunker's OWN love child, which he fathered as a teenager?

"I had hoped things had worked out with the mother of his child but he would have to make a lot of changes in his relationship and life for that."

"Clinton's first baby was not a secret. They made a tough decision to put the baby up for adoption and they did and we were proud of them."

"The baby was not a secret love child."

Well, that's good ... relatively speaking. We just hope the girl finds something - anything - to keep her a more stable, for her sake and Leah's.

If not, the poor little girl will likely grow up with a whole host of issues ... and Gary Shirley's girlfriend will keep paying the price physically.

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She is ONE scary looking chick. Plus, what is it with all of these teen mom's eyebrows?? They are all tweezed so horribly, it's like a trend.


Agree USMC and Melody. That poor child is going to be one messed up girl all because of this looser she calls mom.
BTW-does USMC stand for united states marine corps or something else? Just wondering cuz that would be cool...


There is nothing mature about this fat cunt. Seriously, someone needs to whip her ass.


How many chances is this GURL going to get? And hell ya lil Leah is going to have problems look at her life! How could she not. Where is CPS when u need them.