Amber Portwood and Baby Leah: Reunited and it Feels Kind of Scary For Most of Us!

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Amber Portwood is back together with Leah, her baby daughter, after a brief period of estrangement courtesy of the State of Indiana. Being reunited feels so good ... for them. Teen Mom fans and Gary Shirley are probably very worried.

They look happy here, at least ...

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POOR LEAH: Not only is her mom crazy, but leopard print? Really?!

In October, Child Protective Services decided Leah should live temporarily with dad Gary Shirley, Amber Portwood's ex-fiance and frequent beating victim.

Gary's new girlfriend better watch her back too. Just saying. Careful.

But Amber Portwood is now in therapy and. despite facing felony battery charges for attacking Gary in an episode that aired on MTV, deemed fit for Leah.

She's also got a brand-new three-bedroom home in Anderson, and "is so excited to have Leah back," a source tells Us. "She has a bedroom all set up."

The county jail has a cell set up for her too, we heard. Just in case.


CPS seems to fail children all the time. Amber hasn't changed at all, and how could she in the whole 3-4 weeks that Leah wasn't in her custody? I feel so bad for that poor child..


I ama social worker adn I have seen mother with less issues not have a shot in hell at getting thier children back. This is a bit ridiculous...The Social Worker at Indiana CPS needs to be fired!


Leopard print is practice for when, in 16 years, is swinging from the pole her fat ass pig of a mom was never good enough to do..


This fucking retard screams failure. Enough said.


i think amber just want attention..she treats her daughter like shit sheonly cares about herself and beating up gary leah should be with her daddy bc gary is very worried about his daughter and amber thinks leah is fine


OKAY first off "coco" people do make mistakes but umm just because your in a shitty relationship doesn't mean its okay to hit your bf MORE then once that's a little more then a "regret". And why should anyone support a abusive gf when she was hitting Gary RIGHT in front of her daughter oooh yeah that's JUST a great mom. In my eyes she shouldn't have gotten her daughter back. She's better off with her dad.


Im not in favor of the way amber reacted but everyone has moments they regret and wish had never happened ... So even though she screwed up on tv we need to support her ... Put yourself in her shoes, a teen mom in a realtionship shes not happy with and without the best support system she really didnt have a way out violence still isnt the answer but come on shes human leave her alone! Im sure youve done things you regret

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