Alex Welch Pics Reveal Black Eye, Extent of Demi Lovato Attack

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With Demi Lovato working on her personal issues inside an Illinois rehab facility, Alex Welch is left to ponder a response to her unfortunate interaction with the famous singer.

Welch is the backup dancer who was attacked by Lovato shortly before Demi took this break from her career. Sources say Lovato was angry because she believed Alex had tattled about a party the night before.

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As a result, she walked up to Welch on a private jet "and with a closed fist, struck her on the left side of her face," an insider tells TMZ. That site has also just published the following pics of Welch soon after this attack:

Lovato was removed from the plane and has been out of the public eye since.

Welch, meanwhile, has retained counsel and is considering a lawsuit. Click on either of the photos above and you can clearly see the reason why: Demi left her with visible bruises on the left eye/cheek.

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What a Sh...t you are talkiing about>???> I can't understan you want to say that DEmi attacked this woman?? :D


How can this girl honestly add more to Demi's troubles?
Is this seriously big enough to be stupid and sue?
This whore is just trying to get attention. I'm not saying it was right to punch her...if she even did but seriously. Demi has enough to worry about.
Poor Demi.


@alex File your lawsuit, because its the right thing to do. She tattled on Demi, perhaps, to stop her from destroying herself furthemore. Alex knows Demi more than any of us here.


just another person trying to make some money off of a lawsuit...I'm sure this girl did nothing at all, right?


least this shows to NEVER MESS DEMI!!!!!!!!!!!!
CAUSE THEN U GONNA GET YO BUTT KICKED!!!!!!!!!!!! and shoot there is noo tellin if this is real or not!!!!!!!!!!!!
this could jus b some1else jus wantin some1elses money!!!!!!!!!! or mayb it really is some 1 jus wanting some money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And the bruise isn't even that bad. This bitch is milking it.


That's nothing to sue over. Seriously, who sues over a black eye? Money-grabbing attention whores, that's who. She just wants her fifteen minutes of fame and some money. She's retarded. Although, to be quite honest, I don't blame Demi for punching her. Yes it was wrong, I'm not justifying her actions. But who WOULDN'T punch someone in the face for tattling about a party? For, all we know, Demi was AT the party, but not really "partying." If it got out that she was supposedly partying when maybe she wasn't, it could totally screw her career. I'd be mad too, and I'd probably punch the person responsible. Again, yes, it was wrong. But A lot of people would do the same thing. This girl needs to get over herself.




Wow That really looks completly fake It's not in the right place to bruise and what not put them up once she got into rehab i mean seriously grow up alex get over youself that u wnat attention


I Got a worse eye from the pit at Buckcherry...what a pus sy!

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