Alex Welch Pics Reveal Black Eye, Extent of Demi Lovato Attack

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With Demi Lovato working on her personal issues inside an Illinois rehab facility, Alex Welch is left to ponder a response to her unfortunate interaction with the famous singer.

Welch is the backup dancer who was attacked by Lovato shortly before Demi took this break from her career. Sources say Lovato was angry because she believed Alex had tattled about a party the night before.

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As a result, she walked up to Welch on a private jet "and with a closed fist, struck her on the left side of her face," an insider tells TMZ. That site has also just published the following pics of Welch soon after this attack:

Lovato was removed from the plane and has been out of the public eye since.

Welch, meanwhile, has retained counsel and is considering a lawsuit. Click on either of the photos above and you can clearly see the reason why: Demi left her with visible bruises on the left eye/cheek.

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Alex keeps bringing shit out to make people feel bad for her....yes she may have gotten punch....And Iagree Demi should have approached the situation differently, but come on...shes getting help for her actions....cant Alex just wait long enough for her to get better then work it out between the two of them? For those who didnt know who she was before this, shes giving herself a bad name. I personally will always remember her as the girl Demi hit and the girl who wants attention....She needs to grow up and just settle it with Demi, NOT feed fuel to the fire, aka give the media gossip.




Wowww.... That girl was ugly enough before the beat down. Clearly, people are forgetting that the reason this idiot was punched in the face in the first place was because she was talking trash about Demi.. And look at her now - selling these pics to TMZ, giving interviews to people? She's a scumbag. Seriously Alex, you BARELY have a bruise. And face facts: If you go around talking sh*t about people, expect to get punched in the face. Don't cry about it afterwards like it's someone else's fault.


I support Demi for punching her. Maybe that girl shouldn't have been a little mean bitch and kept her mouth quiet. No one needs an annoying girl telling the media secrets just so she can get attention. She's probably loving the fact Demi hit her in the face, now she can definitely get the attention she wants. I'm not even a fan of Demi but right now I'm saying Woo! Go Demi! Some bitches need to get punched in the face.


I don't think alex is making this up honestly i loved demi lovato and i still do but thats no excuse 4 wat she did to alex, theres NO WAY shes lying because demi was ESCORTED OFF A PLANE which means everyone including fellow passengers and flight staff saw her punch/hit her.
i luv Demi and i hope she gets well soon


If you have seen Alex aka Shorty from Beat Freaks, the runner up from from America's Best Dance Crew and have met her in real like (like I have), you would know she is one of the most honest, bubbly, down-to-earth girls you will ever met. She would never lie about getting punched in the face. You should have justice for being assaulted. Have you ever got punched in the face? It hurts. It is not something you would brush off like it is nothing. Yeah it is not like she's gonna get $1 mil but she should get some restitution for that, it is abuse after all. Like how kids have to do community service for picking a fight at school.


This is why celebrities go off the deep end. Everyone is trying to get something from them. Everyone is watching her every move. Wouldn't you crack under that pressure too. I mean think about it people. What if it was you everyone is gossiping about. I don't think it is right.


I find it funny that people are refusing to believe that Demi punched Alex and that it was unprovoked. And then people are accusing Alex of making it all up. In early November Demi's press releases admitted that she attacked Alex, they even leaked Alex's name to the press. And Demi's press releases admit that Alex did not snich on Demi and her partying.. only that Demi wrongly thought she did. Apparently Demi and her party friends got caught all on their own but wanted someone to blame. And who is easy to blame? Their friend do will not do drugs with them. This was work place violence... Demi slugged someone who worked for her. I don't know what legal options Alex has but I'm sure her attorney will pursue them. It is wrong for a powerful, rich star to think that they have the right to beat up those who work for them. How can anyone support Demi's actions?


This is the fakest thing i've seen in awhile, whether its truly fake or not.
and i truly believe that if the pic is not fake, then alex is, trying to get money. its happened so many times before, how can it not be a possibility now?
ands seriosly? she wants to press charges for a little scratch? ridiculous.
i dont blame demi for any of this, cuz she did the rt thing by seeing that something was wrong and trying to change it. demi is my role model, she was before, she still is now, and will be later on. i dont think i know a girl who hasnt gone through trouble during thier teen years, and demi isnt trying to hide anything. she has A LOT of talent, and she respects her fans. she doesny want to become something she isnt, and i admire that. demi knows this was the wrong thing to do. thats y she got help. i admire her for that. she didnt just leave the situation and think wat she did was fine. demi took action.


This is totally planned by alex
just think after a month a pic is revealed & it shows a black mark
totally fake
its only to acquire money from DEMI

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