Alex Welch Pics Reveal Black Eye, Extent of Demi Lovato Attack

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With Demi Lovato working on her personal issues inside an Illinois rehab facility, Alex Welch is left to ponder a response to her unfortunate interaction with the famous singer.

Welch is the backup dancer who was attacked by Lovato shortly before Demi took this break from her career. Sources say Lovato was angry because she believed Alex had tattled about a party the night before.

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As a result, she walked up to Welch on a private jet "and with a closed fist, struck her on the left side of her face," an insider tells TMZ. That site has also just published the following pics of Welch soon after this attack:

Lovato was removed from the plane and has been out of the public eye since.

Welch, meanwhile, has retained counsel and is considering a lawsuit. Click on either of the photos above and you can clearly see the reason why: Demi left her with visible bruises on the left eye/cheek.

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Oh come on!!! People go through worse than that.....


I dont care what demi did. she's in a bad position right now with her health. I know her fans will stick behind her and wish her the best. I know I will.


Demi Lovato is my new hero!


I love how some people are like oh get over it alex
Yes maybe demi was angry and frustrated,but she should not be excused for punching someone!I'm glad she's dealig with it but before she went into rehab she did things that can't be brushed away with a flick of the wrist,if everyone with a normal life has to deal with consequences,she should too.
Oh and btw to people who read this and say 'oh she didn't know how demi felt' I do! I have had so much shit in my life,been treated like crap but never have I punched someone over it,I've felt with it in normal ways


I think demi needs to work through her problems and everyone has their own opinion.But don't trash her because you don't know how she's feeling.


Demi is just frustrated and has depression we need to give her a break she was very brave to admit she had a problem. we now just need to pray she gets better xxxxx XXPRAYFORDEMI


Demi Lovato is in a very troubled place, it is obvious she is suffering from depression and I think it is very brave of her to admit and check into a health centre in a bid to over come it. What she does not need is a young woman, and yes it it understandable that she would be angry for the repression Demi showed towards her - but she does not need right now to have to face this as well. As a previous sufferer of depression myself, I am behind Demi 110% and I think this woman needs to stand back and say, she has or would apologized / apologize respectfully and it should be left at that. There is no need to sue Demi during, what can only be described as a difficult time for her and her family and fans. The injuries are not serious and although she has been assaulted, it is only minor injury. And for all I can say, she was winding up a young woman in difficult position which Demi did not deserve and if she has one bit of decency, she should not be taking advantage.


well demi lovato needs help how can she punch an innocent woman and there are photos on tmz to prove that the woman has been attacked i think demi needs serious anger management and get help with that anger and learn to control it where does she get off punching people in the face ? She has really lost her mind .


The fact that some people can justify one individual punching another except in self defense is somewhat demented. Demi Lovato whomever she is should be arrested for assault.


Puh-leasssssse. She is just wanting pity and trying to get soemthing for nothing. What does she really think she is going to get for a black eye. OMFG. Give me a F*&king break. What a leech loser.

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