Alex Welch Pics Reveal Black Eye, Extent of Demi Lovato Attack

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With Demi Lovato working on her personal issues inside an Illinois rehab facility, Alex Welch is left to ponder a response to her unfortunate interaction with the famous singer.

Welch is the backup dancer who was attacked by Lovato shortly before Demi took this break from her career. Sources say Lovato was angry because she believed Alex had tattled about a party the night before.

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As a result, she walked up to Welch on a private jet "and with a closed fist, struck her on the left side of her face," an insider tells TMZ. That site has also just published the following pics of Welch soon after this attack:

Lovato was removed from the plane and has been out of the public eye since.

Welch, meanwhile, has retained counsel and is considering a lawsuit. Click on either of the photos above and you can clearly see the reason why: Demi left her with visible bruises on the left eye/cheek.

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Yeah, i know this is an old post and all, but you have the wrong image linked to this article.
Shame Shame Shame.


Demi Lovato did what any of us would have done! Seriously


I Know What Demi Did Was Wrong.. And Im A Big Fan Of The Beat Freaks. However It Was Just A Punch In The Face. A Small Little Black Eye At That. And With What Demi's Going Through, She Could Have Done Far Worse. Give Demi A Break. She Said She Felt Awful For It. And She's Trying To Get Better. So Just Chill About It.


what a wimp,she has no other talents so she sues Demi to get some attention! loser!!


“Poor girl gets punched in the face and some of you call her a bitch? I feel bad for her. If Demi punched you, would you be upset and sue or forgive her?� You feel bad for her? The last few weeks she sold her story to inside edition and people magazine for a couple thousand as well as pics for TMZ for that much as well. And now she's getting a settlement for a black eye that she most likely brought on herself? Oh please!


Okay Demi Lovato is a hot mess this we all see but this girl Alex is just using this incident for fame. Yeah what happened to her was messed up suing someone over a black eye? Are u kidding me. I've been in my fair share of fights and had black eyes never did it cross my mind to sue the person that gave me it. I think the headline says it all ACTRESS ALEX! Please tell me what this girl has been on that i've seen? Don't get me wrong Demi was dead wrong for what she did but suing for a black eye is a bit much.


Poor girl gets punched in the face and some of you call her a bitch? I feel bad for her. If Demi punched you, would you be upset and sue or forgive her?


I feel so bad...I'm huge fans of both girls...I can't be mad at demi but wht she did was wrong...Demi feels bad and is doing the right thing by getting help...And Yes theres stuff left out...But why is everyone dishing Shorty(alex) she has done nothing wrong, I mean she is the one that got punched...So everyone should leave her alone and be there for both girls and not trash either of them...They are going through Alot right now and just need everyones support...And no one can prove rather or not shorty was the one who told..she even said it wasn't her...SOyou guys just have to be there for both of them


This dancer is a fame whore and a money hungry bi$#h. Another exampe of the failed judicial system in this country, where these stupid frivilous cases can get credibility. At best this is a small claims court issue, but this so called dancer is looking to cash in on notiority (who ever heard of her before this incident) & cash. & what kind of managers are the Jonas group if they don't even support in any way one of their own clients. They have no problem taking Demi's money though. Love & support for Demi; girl be well & come back, your fans miss you.


if you're a true fan of Demi Lovato will be on her side until the end because that's what a fan or a family does, even with these news. anyone here heard of demi version of the story so that no one can prove that she punched in the face of this girl. I love demi lovato and hope she gets better soon:)

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