Zach Galifianakis Lights Up on TV

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Tomorrow in California, residents will vote on a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana.

Such an action would bring in billions of dollars per year to the debt-ridden state, although opponents of the drug still believe it would be wrong to treat it like alcohol. It's safe to say Zach Galifianakis is not a member of this latter group.

The Due Date star appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night and lit up a joint on the HBO talk show. He then passed it to conservative panelist Margaret Hoover, who took a smell and couldn't stop laughing over the stunt. Watch it now:

What do you think of Galifianakis's actions?


I have no problem with pot, but this poor mans Seth Rogen/Jack Black deems himself worthy of judging Mel Gibson (got him kicked off Hangover2)?


BTW, it's Kush. Thank your DEA head for calling pot "A gateway Drug". So much misinformation. Cigarettes kill, Alcohol kills. Who died from pot????


how many times you hear about a person smoking a joint killing people in a car wreck,unlike drunk drivers,but everyone can drink all they want.HYPOCRITES!!


OK, so let's be real...Legalizing pot isn't going to mean people who support the legalization are going to turn into pot smoking feinds who show up to work stoned as those opposed are claiming. Those who drink alcohol, in most cases, don't show up to work drunk. And it's NOT the "stepping stone" to using drugs that SHOULD remain illegal...I know people who have NEVER smoked pot, but have tried heroin and LSD. I myself don't snort coke, smoke crack, do meth, drop acid, or shoot up heroin. Pot is SO benign compared to drugs that ruin people's lives...THOSE are the drugs that people should be worried about. All of you who are opposed need to take a few hits of some Cush and relax!


@RJB: I think it's the exact opposite. Make it legal, tax it and motivate people to get a job in order to afford it!


If marijuana is legalized then the nearly 11% of the unemployed will never find the motivation to get a job.


I think that is friggen awsome!!!!!! it should be legal!

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