Yes, Source Confirms, Kim Kardashian is Dating Gabriel Aubry!

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It was more than just a random sighting at a Lakers game, sources say. Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry really are an item!

A couple days after cameras caught the reality star alongside Halle Berry's ex, an insider tells Us Weekly "they met through friends and have been dating a few weeks."

Getting Nails Done

Another person claiming to be in the know elaborated a bit to Life & Style:

"Kim and Gabriel met a few times while they were both in New York, and there was definitely chemistry. But when Kim returned to Los Angeles last Thursday, they really took it to the next level. They went out to dinner, caught the Lakers game and spent time at Kim's house."

This source says Aubry has already met Kim's mother and sisters, all of whom are "wild" about him. We guess there's only one thing left to decide then, readers: Kubry? Gardashian? These two need a nickname, stat!


she is not going date him because he's not black like i keep saying once you go black you don't go back


and btw you cannot go from hallie berry to a kardasian! from barbie to a troll doll!? wth?


mmm..sloppy seconds!


@Notorious: haha, don't worry, we have plenty to say about Kim still. Was this article somehow overwhelmingly positive?
I must defend Ray J, however: he did not urinate on his sexual partners. You're thinking of R. Kelly.


What gives, THG? You used to put more dirt on Trashdashian than anyone, and now you have all of a sudden developed a fondness for her? To this I say: BBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Keep giving her what she deserves: A constant reminder that she came onto the scene after being pissed on in a sex tape, before spreading her legs for anyone remotely famous.


They seem like two lovely people together. He is low key and a gentleman. That is exactly what Kim needs. I wish them love!


Best quote ever, "Well Gabriel, you've got some big condoms to fill." All I have to say is.... EXACTLY!!


Gorgeous couple!


Well Gabriel, you've got some big condoms to fill.


Kimbriel! :)

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