Yes, Source Confirms, Kim Kardashian is Dating Gabriel Aubry!

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It was more than just a random sighting at a Lakers game, sources say. Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry really are an item!

A couple days after cameras caught the reality star alongside Halle Berry's ex, an insider tells Us Weekly "they met through friends and have been dating a few weeks."

Getting Nails Done

Another person claiming to be in the know elaborated a bit to Life & Style:

"Kim and Gabriel met a few times while they were both in New York, and there was definitely chemistry. But when Kim returned to Los Angeles last Thursday, they really took it to the next level. They went out to dinner, caught the Lakers game and spent time at Kim's house."

This source says Aubry has already met Kim's mother and sisters, all of whom are "wild" about him. We guess there's only one thing left to decide then, readers: Kubry? Gardashian? These two need a nickname, stat!

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WOW! r u serious? I "hope" she finds her true love, & if u really analize... This looks like it's going to work out... I MEAN LOOK @ tHEM. kim is a total fame-aholic(she keeps going on and on about "I'm so boring & I'm the most conservative of the three..blah,bla,blah) BULLSHIT!, while he is way more laid back and mellow. Remind u of anyone??? Kris & Bruce!Maybe she'll get lucky this time? Who knows!


YEAH.....DID NOT THINK THAT THIS "BLACK" thing would have gone quite well with you surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, yeah, Jenna Jameson has had more than one sex partner and so has Woopi Goldberg and Florence Henderson, and the deceased George Burns does that make them "sluts"? I rest my case about the term "slut".


kim is turning into a lil slut=p


lets see how long she'll stay with him maybe she's trying out the white guy then black she dated nick lachey didn't work out so lets see how long with this one


I like him for Kim. She did allude to the fact that she wants a gorgeous guy and he is gorgeous and he's definitely not a fame whore. He held his end with Halle and who knows? They may make a very happy couple.


Wow! Some white people (who will probably pretend to be Black people in disguise) seem a little upset that Kim decided to try their own kind. Am I sensing some deep rooted issues? You can run but you can't hide from people of color. We're everywhere. Eventually we'll marry into your families too. Boo hooo! Stop being a bunch of racist cry babies.


It wont last..just like Halle realized..Gabriels D*** is the wrong color and definitely not the right size,and we all know Kim went black and wont go back,she tries,but when it comes down to it...she wants the girth only a black man can give her..LMAO!


Well, I'm kinda dissapointed that Kim is dating a white guy, "some" (not all) white men can be so clueless, but since Aubrey had a relationship with Halle Berry and has a multi-racial daughter, I'm assuming he may have a respect and awareness for a more diverse American life. I'm going to give this white guy my stamp of approval Kim. Just don't ever date people like Mel Gibson or that guy who played "Kramer" in Seinfeld. Those kind of white men are disgusting and you should never subject yourself to that.


Kim is too materialistic for this man, If anything the relationship will last a mere couple of month's and then its "Off With Her Head"