Yes, Kim Zolciak is Pregnant!

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She tried playing coy for awhile, referring to rumors of her pregnancy as hilarious, but the money is finally right time has finally come for Kim Zolciak to come clean: she's knocked up!

"I was surprised," Zolciak tells the latest issue of Life & Style, referring to the Kroy Biermann-sponsored bun in her oven. "While it wasn't planned, God clearly has a bigger and better plan for us and we're excited."

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Zolciak says she was "appalled and disgusted" when ex-girlfriend Tracy Young went public with this news, even claiming Kim had broken up with Kroy and asked Tracy co-raise the child with her.

But now Zolciak - who has two daughters from a previous marriage - is over it. "I'm the happiest I've ever been," she says.

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Poooooor baby!! I feel bad 4 kim's newborn.I really do,kim is really a bad mother, she has poor parenting skill,her two daaughters are in need of a real mother who talks to their children and discipline them. She acts as though her girls are her friends.well kim good luck.I hope kroy stay sane dealing with kim crazy wackout kroy ,run kim is nuts


What a terrible and horrifing nightmare. Kim is the stupidest parent I ever seen. All that syco heifer ever is smoke and drinkm she looks like a beaten up trailer trash who doesn't have a clue. I feel sorry for that baby with two ugly parents. Oh kim now you better let sweetie move on to another family cause she sure as hell need to get her some pride cause money aint everything sweetie. Honey leave kim crazy ass alone and get your life and pride back cause on the show, you two look like 2 beaten up hooker nobody wants anymore


I think Kim is setting a bad example for her daughters espcially after seeing her buy her oldest an abstenice ring to not have sex until shes 18. I don't feel that shes a good parent at all, God continue to watch over her kids


wow i cant believe she is having a baby i dont think that is a good idea at all but its whatever


That poorchild doesn't stand a chance. Those are some unattractive parents.


Y do we have to be so judemental?


EEEWWW that looser looks worse than that other looser that she was in the sex tape with. Guess that's her type LOOSERS!!

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