Witnesses Detail Demi Lovato Drug, Alcohol Use

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It hasn't taken long for random people to come forward with unproven allegations, trying to cash in on the recent downfall of Demi Lovato. To wit:

A pair of reports have been published today that charge the 18-year old singer with rampant drug and alcohol use.

First, a Texas college student named Brian Payne tells Life & Style he partied with the star on December 28 and watched her snort cocaine at a mutual friend's house party.

Before the Downfall

"She was doing line after line like a pro," Payne says. "I just remember her doing it as if she had been doing it for a long time. It didn't seem like something new to her."

An anonymous witness, meanwhile, takes things a step further.

Speaking to Radar Online, this insider says there's video evidence of Demi doing drugs and flipping out, relaying the alleged party incident as follows:

"Demi was belligerent, being slutty and doing coke all over the house. The guy who hosted the party shot multiple videos of this and what I've seen with my eyes, Demi is screaming, 'F**k all of you, I'm famous, I don't care what any of you think of me the whole world loves me.'"

This quote/story clearly sounds like utter BS. But even if the above accusations are true, the overall fact remains: Lovato has many issues, is seeking help and has the full support of her fans around the world.

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ugh... the entire hollywood is a soap opera of it's own. I'm wasting my time fucking reading this. If some kid in a garage cuts themself or does drugs, no big deal, but this girl gets so much press from this crap stories. Maybe she is innocent, maybe she's a drug addict, we'll never know the truth, coz hollywood is fake. I don't even care about celebrity gossip and neither should any of you, you're wasting your time. why not drop all this and spend some time with the family, or practice that guitar you've bought, or go read a damn book. Other people's problems are other people's problems, why put it in a magazine???


Did you know she got drug people are right you are wrong and plus bruno mars got that and they puted him in jail people getting gruged dnt be there fan plus last more thing I vote for selena she I'm going with her who's with me" I have no idea what you are saying. So I'll just say you are a fool and that if you believe everything you read on the news, then you are even a bigger idiot than I thought you were. You have no concept of right or wrong if you believe everything that is fabricated and what not. Proof is what you need, and proof is what you don't have. So piss off.


Did you know she got drug people are right you are wrong and plus bruno mars got that and they puted him in jail people getting gruged dnt be there fan plus last more thing I vote for selena she I'm going with her who's with me


"If there really is a video, why don't they show it." Because there isn't one. Anyone can say that a video exists. Especially some anonymous Dipshit who is only talking to the press for money. These days news souces don't even have to be true, and you get paid for a couple bucks for some bogus news. If I were to tell people that there was a video of Demi Lovato getting it on with Buffy The Vampire Slayer...people would believe it. But even if it is true, so what? She's getting help. That is all that matters.


If there really is a video, why don't they show it.
It's really unfair for Demi.
And these kind of people are one of the reason why demi is going through this rehab thing.


Wellintended go to school and stop being a moron.


Wellintended please do the world a favor and...well leave...seriously can you live on mars or something? Cause here on earth, we go by FACTUAL evidence :) not vague blind items that can be about anyone. Thanks babe ;-)


See, it IS true. Demi is a drunken coke head and you idiots STILL love her!


I have to agree with others no one knows the real reason why she is going into rehab...havent people realized the paparazzi has to make there money and sometimes (most of the time) lie...especially on a person like demi cus she is so popular ... And i also agree that atleast she is getting help...and ya people do need to stop comparing her to lindsey lohan i mean lindsey didnt even want to get help she had to be court ordered... And brittany ...well lets just say shes not even close to anything like brit brits just plain crazy and needs to stop TRYING to save her career its over brit!!!


OMG. Okay, NONE of this is fucken true. My friend know's Demi's BEST FRIEND Selena Gomez& Nolan Nard, they have BOTH confirmed, she doesn't do drugs. Fuck the paparazzi. She's a gorgeous teen girl that went into a TREATMENT center, NOT rehab to get help for cutting, her eating disorder (Anorexia) AND her physical&emotional issues. She had 2 friends die this year. Give the girl a break. She's ONLY human. I don't care what people, say, I'm a LOVATIC and PRETTY FUCKEN PROUD OF IT:) Who's with me?

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