Win an Autographed Vampire Diaries Soundtrack!

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The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack, featuring "Obsession" by Sky Ferreira (see video below) and other great tracks, has been released. Want to win a free copy?

A free copy signed by star Ian Somerhalder, no less?

All you have to do to in order to enter THG's exclusive Vampire Diaries Soundtrack giveaway is comment and tell us why you think we should give it to you.

That's it. Comment below and make your case. You must log in to be eligible. You can register or login using your Facebook account in the comment box.

This contest is open to U.S. residents only and ends Tuesday, November 9. We'll pick the winner then! Why do you deserve a signed soundtrack? Tell us ...

The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack is available on iTunes here. For exclusive videos, photos and extra content, check out The CW. The show airs Thursdays, 8/7c.

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Even though i am only fourteen i am totally obsessed with the show, in particular Ian. Ian actually helps me with my education because i want to get a well paying job so i can meet him, and to do that i have to get good marks in school and university. I this would help my dream come true!


Ok. Honesty is the best policy right? Alright, there is no spectacular reason that I should win the soundtrack. Don't get me wrong, Vampire Diaries is most definatley my favorite show ever. I think my friend should get it, she got me hooked on this show. We always watch it and she loves Ian, he is her favorite character. So if I were to get the cd that's why or what i would do with.


I would love the Autographed Soundtrack, not only for me, but for my 13 year old daughter as well. She has always been so vastly different from me and we never had much in common until this show. From watching it weekly together we have both found out that we have more in common together than either of us thought. Not only that but I have driven from Bend Oregon, down to LA twice to stand in line for over five or six hours for a chance to get autographs twice, only to be too far back in the line for the opportunity. I am a huge fan of both the books and the show, I am an Admin on a Facebook page dedicated to Vampires and my job is all things Vampire Diaries. Please, please, please... Help me be a hero in my daughters eyes. I don't think I can make any more road trips for autographs!


Hiiiieeee!!! I would just LOVE to win! I LOVE LOVE LOVE both the TV Series and the books, no fancy reason other than I would be the happiest fan on earth!! :) Thank you for giving me this chance!!!!


I should win, because I am not only a fan of the show, but I am also a big fan of the book series. I've read all books, and I own them all. And It would mean a lot to me. I love every single song in the soundtrack and I would love to own it, specially if it's autographed. And my birthday is this month, in just a couple of days. I've also read every single one book of L.J. Smith and unlike some people I don't buy the Twilight faeries pretending to be vampires. So I should win. I've watched the show every singe week, since the premiere date and I've never missed an episode. Also have I mentioned my screen wallpaper is of the vampire diaries?
It would make a great birthday present.

Jennifer miller

I'm a big fan of Ian. And I have been watching show since last year. I love to win this audographed soundtrack. Please pick me to be the winner of this. Thank you


I named my newborn Damon after the character played by Ian so i can one day show him who he was named after! Thats why i think i should win the cd. Thanks!


Okay, I am going to make this short and sweetm hopefully this works. =)
I literally started to watch this show at the second episode of the second season. The show intrigued me, and so I kept watching it. I watched the third episode and was hooked! I am a devoted fan now, eagerly waiting to obatin the first season.
I also LOVE Ian Somerhalder and would absolutely love if I was to get this CD and have it SIGNED by Ian.
That is all. Thanks!


I absolutely love the Vampire Diaries! I have read every single book and never missed a show. when i saw the show first come out I almost fainted! I'm am obsessed with Vampire Diaries and have posters on my walls plus my sister Hannah loves it to and so do my mom and brothers. The majority of my friends agree that the Vampire Diaries is the most amazing show/books series ever! I also love the artists and music that they play on the shows and Ian is my favorite actor because he puts so much into his role as Damon! Damon is a fantastic and tricky role to play and Ian exceeds expectations on the acting. Every week after the show i download my favorite songs of the show and listen to them for hours! I have wanted this since I heard it would come out and my friends have to so I would most definitely share with them. And my mom flip if I won it and it would be blasting every day.


I would love to have this soundtrack, because The Vampire Diaries is seriously my favorite show. My room is filled with pictures of Ian and Stefan. I love this show so much and I never miss a show, I would love sharing this soundtrack with my sister and mother who are also fans of the show. Winning this would make me extremely happy and having Ian's autograph would be a dream come true.